My 2017 Intentions


Ah, it's a New Year has started and it's that time of the year again: new year resolution! Now I am not really precise and strict with my own new year resolution and it is more a reminder of myself and my goals and what I want and intentions are. So here are my 2017 intentions!  

Ah, nieuw jaar en het is januari en dat betekent: goede voornemens! Ikzelf heb er ook paar op geschreven maar eerlijk gezegd ga ik er vrij soepel mee om. Goede voornemens is min of meer even ter herinnering wat mijn doelen en intenties zijn. Dus, dit zijn mijn intenties van 2017!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
Hello to my first picture of the year this mini chocolate cake. #random
Social media
Good news I`ll keep blogging another year! I`ve been blogging for a good 7 years now and honestly I don`t see an end of this blogging tunnel yet because I still enjoy writing, posting pictures and reading blogs. The blog community that I know is quite educational, inspiring and soothing when I find bloggers with same or similar thoughts, perspectives and taste as mine.

I`ve been shouting for years of getting my own blog domain but sigh, this issue is still not ticked off. I`ve been using Blogsppot from Google since day one and I have mentioned earlier that I might move to Wordpress for layout improvements and others. The current layout is all coded and designed by myself and as much I love designing and creating my own layout it takes lots of time and energy. And frustration because formulating html codes is quite a pain in the bum too.
So moving to Wordpress can save my time and make my life easier or I might even move to Square Space since they have a pretty awesome layout & edit program as well. I am also interested in getting a domain from Namecheap because of their low pricing. Who knows! Or I might just stick with Blogspot since it`s familiar and safe. As blog topics these will pretty much stay the same:
- food
- recipe
- hotspot
- travel
- art
My blogstats has been growing over the years and I`m grateful for that, thank you! It`s always nice and motivating to see growth in the things you love to do such as blogging. If I have to believe my Google statcounter I hover between 27k to 30k views per month which I personally think is a lot! It is of course no where near the top blogs with million hits per month but that is not my top priority. I believe if you keep blogging for personal reasons and stay true to yourself, be inspired and creative I think you`ll grow either way whether it is in personality, stats, followers, acknowledgement and network.
I want to give vlogging a go. I have done 2 short vlog video`s of me in Hong Kong`16 which I have posted at my Youtube. Vlogging is so different than blogging and I have to say I still have to find my way in it. Video editing takes so much time and effort! So who knows you`ll see good vlogs of me in the future. Keep an eye open at my Youtube channel.
I have been using Instagram for 2 years now and I still love love using it! And in those 2 years I have created another IG page called @icepandora.creations and this is where I post all my creative stuff such as drawings, sketches, crochet projects, #wip and yarnfood and to make my main IG (@ice__pandora) neater. I`ll try to post regularly with my recent life happenings and try to hit 1k followers by the end of the year. I have managed to get my first 100+ likes on pictures in 2016 which I am thankful and ecstatic about!
Travel! I love! Travel makes me incredible happy because to me it is adventurous and I like to explore things, discover places and snap too many pictures while I am traveling. A part why I start blogging in the first place really. But for my travel and trips in 2017 I have no plans set yet well the `big` trips anyways. Thank God for me travel does not always mean you have to go abroad by plane and spend many many money on it. Smaller trips that are close to home can be as nice as well! I want to see and learn more of my own country The Netherlands and it is not just Amsterdam. I have been living in The Netherlands for all my life and I have not visited all of Holland yet. In 2017 I want to get to know my own country more and I look forward to share this journey with you guys.

My dream destinations
- Iceland
- Budapest
- Dubai
- Japan
- Maldives
To love, to care, to be kinder, less snappy and to learn more from each other. Simple as that.
I don`t really talk about this topic and honestly there`s not much to talk about it really other than I`m single (but ready to mingle?).
After some dates here and there that lead to no where other than friendship I am basically in my whole life single and that perhaps sound sad but to me it isn`t that bad.
There are perks and OK to be single!
Perhaps I am picky, or I`m simply not good enough or I am just selfish that I put myself first as top priority. I want to focus on school, career, well being and money first and I am happy that I can tick off school successfully with 2 degrees in my pocket, I have a job, I am healthy *knocks on table* and I can support myself financially without asking my family for money support.

Though my family has been asking and nagging when I finally get a boyfriend. My grandma who passed away couple years ago always hoped I can show her a boyfriend which sadly I couldn`t. So in 2017 I might want to focus on finding a partner. I might end up getting a cat ha.

But most importantly is that I love myself.
- Read more than 5 books a 2017. I know it`s pathetic but in 2016 I`ve only counted 5 books that I have finished reading and so I want to break this easy looking record in 2017.
- Go to a concert. It`s pathetic again but I haven`t been to a real concert before other than music festivals and clubs.
- Set up a stand at a market with my handmade merchandise.
- Buy a new laptop. I have been using my current laptop for like 6 years now and I want to replace it with a quicker, less heavy and a beautiful laptop.
- Maintain my everyday yoga practice. Since I`ll be working 5 days a week I still want to make time for yoga because yoga is life.
- Speaking of yoga, I want to able to master the `peacock pose`. Yup that`s the forearm and elbow pose where you literally rest your whole body on your forearm and elbow. Wish me luck!
- Watch movies from my movie-bucketlist such as Our Little Sister (海街diary), Pulp Fiction, La La Land and the many animations by Ghibli Studio.


  1. How exciting! Seems like you have a lot of things planned for 2017. Cheers to a new year. :)

  2. I hope you get to visit all your dream destinations this year :) And hooray for another year of blogging!

  3. I like your 2017 intentions - I have a friend who also has a yearly yoga pose to master :)

  4. Hurrah for vlogs!! I've been reading your blog since you first started and around the same time I started reading other peoples' blogs too. Your one is the only one I always come back to. It has a nice slice-of-life feel. Keep up the good work!!

  5. Wishing you a very happy 2017! <3

  6. I love that you call it intentions. And Iceland is on our travel list as well. Would love to go. Happy 2017!

  7. Happy new year Mei! I hope you manage to achieve all of your goals this year :) Mine are quite similar to yours, especially the one about meeting someone haha. Good luck to both us I guess! :p

  8. Your blog design is so unique; I love it! I personally have loved migrating from Blogspot to Wordpress, although I am more familiar with customising layouts with Blogspot. Bluehost comes with a free domain, and so does Squarespace! // omg you reminded me that La La Land is on my to-watch as well! // ahh my mom is always asking if I have a boyfriend yet T_T // Loving the photo of your mini chocolate cake!! I've seen so many photos of your yarnfoods, but always up close, never like this! I love seeing just how small an adorable it is! // Happy 2017 & good luck with your intentions! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  9. These are such good goals to have!! A lot of them are my goals as well. Good luck to you!!


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