My night sky in Holland


Last week I've decided to up m
y camera-game and attempted to shoot astronomy pictures. I went outside in the freezing cold of temperatures with minus 5 degrees C at night and that makes it extra scary as well. Luckily I survived ha. The sky was really clear and I could see the stars and the moon and so I braced myself, grabbed my tripod and went for it. Here are some of my favorite shots.

Vorige week ging ik naar buiten toe en een poging wagen om plaatjes te schieten van de sterrenhemel. Het was min 5 graden en ook nog eens erg donker wat een enge sfeer meebracht maar gelukkig maar voor even. De lucht was zo helder destijds dat ik besloten heb om even dapper te zijn en gewoon erop uit ben gegaan met camera en tripod. Hier zijn mijn favoriete kiekjes.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Minus 5°
This was my first time shooting astronomy photographs outdoors and it was a freezing but successful experience. Successful because I`ve managed to get some pretty crisp looking star shots and freezing because it was -5°C outside and there was a lot of wind which makes it extra cold too. Would I do it again?
Absolutely I would.
Camera and photo info

Olympus E-M5 Mark II / 12-50 mm lens / f/3.5 / ISO-250 / exposure time: 15-20``
This Dutch windmill is just 5 min away in walk distant from my home. I really love love this shot personally! I should try to get the ISO higher next time because I`ve read somewhere it`s better for astronomy shoots.


  1. Wow so brave! They look amazing Mei! I love the clouds, almost makes it look like an aurora

    Nat // Dignifiable

  2. I can't imagine how you stayed outside in that weather, and you must have been out for awhile for these photographs! Props to you! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. The photos turned out well! I've never tried star photography before, I think there might be too much light pollution where I live.

  4. I'm impressed with how beautiful the photos are, especially considering it's your first time. Keep up with the good work :)

    Onyee xx - Paradigm Kiss

  5. These are such lovely pictures! I love night photography!

  6. Your photos of the night sky are so beautiful. The 4th photo is my favourite!


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