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I need my frequent doses of good snacking which are not always the most healthy picks but of course I have my healthy options too. Plus I try to snack less and be more moderated. I take snacks at work because my kind of work drains energy (I teach kids!) and when I come home from work I'm aaalways starving and grabbing a snack (and a cup of tea) is usually what I do first after work. Here are my favorite food snacks of recent.


Ik heb regelmatig een goeie doses snacks nodig. Deze zijn helaas niet altijd even gezond maar ik heb altijd wel gezonde opties achter de hand. Daarnaast probeer ik met mate te snacken.
Op mijn werk heb ik altijd snacks bij me want mijn type werk (ik geef les aan kinders!) zuigt veel energie uit mijn lijf en als ik thuiskom van werk heb ik altijd honger. Het eerste wat ik dan doe is iets lekkers pakken met een kop thee erbij. Hieronder zijn mijn recente lekkernijen die ik achter de kiezen heb! 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Dutch sweets: mergpijpje, chocozoenen and chocolates.

A bento box full of sweets! Sounds like my kind of lunchbox but of course it`s not really a healthy looking lunchbox either.
Luckily it`s not my lunch that I brought to work but I do got it from my work from colleagues and my pupils.
Next to a much healthier snack are these peeled chestnuts! They are naturally sweeten and great for vegetarians and vegans out there too!
My favorite Dorito`s flavor at the moment: cheeseburger and it`s 100% vegetarian friendly too! I know it`s odd but there`s simply no meat flavor added (just clever spice combo) to it which is great.
To stay cold and sick free I arm myself with Fisherman`s Friends. Plus they taste good and give me fresh breath too. I bought this `sweet lime` flavored FF in Hong Kong and has great zip lock close up system! I wish the ones here in Holland has the same handy system.
And this sweet lime flavor too because we don`t have it either in Holland.
Another snack from Hong Kong is this Maltesers in dark chocolate! Maltesers in genearl are definitely in my top-3 favorite chocolates really and these were yumyum!
To try out all Oreo`s variations in the universe! This same mission also goes out to Kit Kats and Pocky of course and I`ll be always on the look out for new flavors!
The Oreo wafer was nice and crispy but it does not really has a strong Oreo flavor. I could be tasting a regular chocolate waffer if I was blindfolded for example but overall it was yum. One of my new Oreo tasting is this Oreo Thins which is a regular Oreo cookie but thinner.
For some reason it looked fancy and the texture was nice too! It was almost eating chips!


  1. woah I've never tried Oreo thins before, but I think I'd like that sort of texture, maybe even more than normal Oreos. Normal Oreos get everywhere when I eat them haha. // Ahh the chestnuts! I need to see if I can get them from any nearby supermarkets :) They're perfect to snack on! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I can't let myself buy dark chocolate Malteasers because they are so addictive - somehow they are just so much better than the regular ones?

    Jane / deluminators

  3. Cheeseburger flavoured Doritos?! I want those!


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