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O lord the first month of 2017 has about to come to an end! How frinkly fast! Here a quick peek of my recent life, enjoy scrolling down! It's still quite an after holiday blogpost one NYE, food and small hauls!

Jeetjemina! De eerste maand van 2017 komt alweer bijna ten einde! Hoe snel gaan we wel niet joh. Daarom hieronder een samenvatting in vogelvlucht van mijn recente leven. De onderwerpen die de boventoon heeft is het Nieuwjaar, feestmaaltijden en kleine aankoopjes!

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voor Nederlandse
Sweet holiday gifts
Just a little shout out mentioning
Carmen from has send me such a generous parcel! Thank you so much! My favorite is of course this picture of us that Carmen took of our Antwerp trip. I still need to find and buy a nice frame for it. 
Here I have recorded myself and created a video message where I thanked Audrey for the sweet post I have received!
The Cat You and Us also has spoiled me with little yummy treats and a lovely card! Thank you guys!
» The Cat You and Us
Stephanie really surprised me with this parcel that was filled with goodies! Thank you so much! One of the things I want to better myself in 2017 was to organize and this planner was like a gift from the heart!
» Sunmi Louise
First meal after NYE
I`ve spent my NYE with my best friend and the very next day we decided to start 2017 fresh and new with a good meal. And we went straight with a 3 course menu!
We dined at Van Der Valk which is a Dutch hotel chain which me and my bestie know for sure it`s open at New Years day since it was a hotel. For starters my friend picked the carpaccio salad while I picked the smoked salmon with wasabi mayo which is incredible nice and generous in portion!
For our main we chose a seafood platter that me and my bestie shared. I was disappointed to hear that the described scallops were out of stock and it got replaced with cockles. The next disappointment was how cold the platter and food was. I love love seafood but this main was just a méh.
With good starter dishes and a disappointing main we luckily ended our after-NYE meal with a good dessert! It was a tasting dessert plate with: chocolate mousse, crème brûlée, coffee, cream, biscuits, cakes and a glass of coffee liquor. It was almost a mini high tea and a good one too!
Don`t forget CNY!
Chinese New Year is still happening in Asia right now and as having a feast and good food is a tradition, giving and receiving new things is also a tradition with CNY. And so I have selfgifted myself with Lush products (yay for 50% off) such as this creamy handbar and a nice liptint.
My favorite shop
My favorite shop is HAY which I have discovered along with G. in Rotterdam! Of course I have selfgifted myself here at HAY too!
HAY is basically a modern shop that sells stationery, home decor and
For papa dearest I have gifted him his first smart phone ever! Papa is learning how to Whatsapp and to take selfies which is ridiculously funny.
Phone snippets
At my friends and her cats // the only time I go to McDonald`s are for their ice cream & veggie burger // me and A. trying out massage chairs which was diviiiine!
Home is where the...
Where me-time is productive time. Where food is prepared, creativity is being challenged and things are made.

Vintage shop = candy shop
A tiny cozy vintage shop called `Galerie de Cleene Houttuyn` which I also shortly visited after NY and it was still in Christmas ambiance!

How`s work?
No #peekintomylife blog post without a bit of my work update. Here I want to share you guys with the New Years reception at my work!

And lastly
My happy C`s in the world: cafés, coffee, and cats!
Wooncafé - Middelburg - The Netherlands

My friend A. got the `tonka bean latte` and I got the `cinnamon sunset` which is basically a latte with cinnamon. Very delicious!


  1. Looks like a great first month of 2017! A shame about the seafood platter though -

    nat // dignifiable

  2. you are very shows your me time is creativity time.

  3. Thank you for the shout out :-* Zo'n leuke foto's allemaal!! Dat Nissin noodle etuitje is echt supergaaf haha xoxo

  4. I'm glad the gift received you well! So much good food and good shopping :) Love your scarf and that coffee! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  5. Happy Chinese New Year! Looks like you've been eating yummy food as usual. Hay looks so cool, I've never been in one!

    Jane / deluminators

  6. Your life is so wonderful!! I feel like traveling around you!
    The pouch for wool yarn is printed Japanese famous ramen noodle!!


  7. All the yummy foods! The latte looks and delicious and love the outfit you have on with your scarf. Aww, I'm so happy you liked the box and happy to hear that the planner was something you needed! x

  8. I love that little stationery shop

  9. Thank you for your sharing your holiday gifts and Happy C's. Your friends gave you such wonderful presents. I will have to remember a few for future gift ideas. I enjoyed the pictures of the cats, cafe food, and coffee. What could be better than enjoying good food with freinds and lingering over a cinnamon latte.

    Crystal Carson @ Tacky Jacks


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