These modest gifts has great sentimental value


I felt spoiled last year holiday around Christmas. Spoiled by the good delicious food I get to eat but also gifts that I receive. I'm quite easy to please when it comes to presents because to me gifting comes from a warm place and gesture and that is always positive. Also I don't want to become a person that needed to be pleased. Please I don't.
Small things are usually great things!


Ik voelde me toch een beetje verwend in de afgelopen feestdagen van vorige maand. Verwend met al het lekkere eten maar ook de cadeautjes die ik kreeg! Ik ben een makkelijk persoon en je kunt me blij maken met een simpel cadeau. Cadeautjes geven komt uit een warm gedachte en gebaar en dat is voor mij altijd positief. Ik wil daarnaast niet iemand worden die snel ontevreden word want klein gebaar hebben vaak een groot impact!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Children with gifts
From work.
Keeping me well fed and moisterized!
My family
The gifts I usually get from family is usually food that I always accept gracefully but not always eat gracefully...

My friends
The presents I receive from girlyfriends are sweet, homey and practical ones.

These plants in glass pots are so minimalistic and wonderful! It makes my windowsill extra alive and perhaps a little bit Spring as well.
Self gift
One of the self gifting is this faux leather camera bag/case for my current camera and I bought it on eBay. I want to care for my camera more and I always wanted to buy a camera case.
The real leather camera cases are super pricey but also a lot bulky as well plus I haven`t a case that I like other than this faux leather one.
The camera case is actually sliiightly to small at the back where the camera edge and corner pops a little bit. Sigh o well life goes on.


  1. All the food!! All that almond roca omg <3 My friends gift me lots of munchies for my birthday, and my mom always ask, "Are these birthday presents or are they feeding you??" haha. My friends know the way to my heart ;P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Wow these gifts are the bomb though :-) The camera bag is so lovely!

    Hannie Arden | Missing Wanderer

  3. LOVE the camera and case! It's the thought that counts when you get gifts. :)

  4. gifts are lovely, gifts can brighten up one's day no matter big or small..that's why people always ask for free gift. :DDD

  5. I made my friends try strawberry Pocky for the first time this weekend - they loved it!

  6. These look like such lovely, sentimental gifts~

    Vivian | LIVE . IN . LOVE


  7. Ooh, it looks like you got some lovely gifts :) Those plants in a jar are especially adorable!!


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