Yarnfood: Japanese soft serve parfait


My latest #yarnfood project is this lifesize matcha green tea soft serve parfait! You might have spot it before at my Instagram here.
The inspiration in making todays yarnfood came from a dessert café in Hong Kong called i CREMERiA Café where I had one of the best matcha green tea soft serve also known the 'shiratama anmitsu parfait' in my life. If you like ice cream and green tea this café is the place to be!


Mijn allernieuwste #yarnfood project is deze levensgrote matcha groene thee softijs parfait! Wellicht heb je het eerder gezien op mijn Instagram. De inspiratie tot deze creatie was mijn bezoekje aan een ijssalon in Hong Kong genaamd i CREMERiA Café. Hier at ik een van de beste matcha groene thee softijs die ook de 'shiratama anmitsu parfait' word genoemd. Ben je dol op ijs & groene thee, deze plek zal je fantastisch vinden!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

i CREMERiA Café  - Mong Kok - Hong Kong
The inspiration for the yarnfood of today! This was in Hong Kong last summer where I had a ridiculous matcha flavored soft serve parfait also known the `shiratama anmitsu parfait` at the dessert café i CREMERiA Café. The desserts looks gorgeous but also this café interior is just amazing as well.
I will come back someday and try out the rest of their menu. I just hope i CREMERiA Café does not go bankrupt since businesses in HK come and go.
Shiratama anmitsu parfait
The calorie free version


Yarn info
- Matcha green tea: Phildar Coton 3 `BAMBOU`
- Red azuki beans: Wibra `Nova` cotton
- Mochi: Søstrene Grene - cotton yarn - color #11-0701
- Chestnut: Scheepjes Catona `Yellow Gold`

Hook size: 2.5 mm - 3 mm

Filling: leftover yarn and polyester filling
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  1. ahh this is amazing! You even made a tiny little scoop of the ice cream!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Oh my god. Matcha green tea soft serve?? My heart. I need this in my life.

  3. Omg! You've outdone yourself, that's so awesome and detailed!


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