A cheap grocery goodiebag of organic stuff


So this is a haul post about a grocery bag from the Dutch brand Eko Land. Eko Land is brand that stands for the good healthy food and environment and so this grocery goodiebag is filled with organic stuff init that I bought for roughly €8. A mega bargain that is! I think Eko Land should turn this into a monthly subscription bag/box because I find the other healthy monthly subscription boxes such as the Healthybox just a bit too pricey.

Anyway! Check out the content of my 8 buck goodie bag!   

Dit is een blogpost over mijn boodschappentas die gevuld is met lekkere dingen van Eko Land! Eko Land ken je misschien wel. Het is een merk dat vooral gericht is op biologische en fairtrade producten. En deze 'Ik Ben Oké' Eko Land tas is dus daarom goed verantwoord en daarnaast goedkoop want hij was maar rond de €8. Wat zou het fijn zijn als Eko Land dit in een soort maandelijkse abonnement zou maken, want eerlijk gezegd vind ik de Healthbox die maar nu om de 2 maanden komt (en €29,95 kost) best prijzig.

Maar goed. Scrol naar beneden toe naar wat een €8 kostende zak inhoudt!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
1. Whole wheat penne pasta // 2. Fytotherapie book // 3. 71% dark chocolate // 4. whole wheat barquette // 5. Sugar free Dutch syrup waffles // 6. Green apple juice // 7. Ground coffee
I sadly do not have a coffeemaker so I prepare this ground coffee in a teabag and boil it in a pot with water on top of a stove. The taste is pretty good and not to strong cup of coffee!
About 3 generous teaspoon of content!
Dutch syrup waffles!
These are organic and sugar free Dutch syrup waffles! The badboi version of these waffles are amazingly addicting good but not too healthy so to have a sugar free version (sweeten with wheat syrup) is of course a better choice.
Phytotheraphy is therapy with herbs and plants and this book is a actually a guide with handy information about plants, herbs and flowers! It appears that this book normally cost €4,95.
These are pre-made baguettes and all you have to do is to heat them up again in the oven for 4-6 minutes and they taste exactly like fresh bread! I filled my baguette with healthy stuff as you can see.
Dark chocolate
This bar of 100 gram of chocolate that contains 71% of cacao turned into an ingredient for my recent chocolate soufflé!


  1. Dark chocolateee <3 and stroopwafels <33 Also, what a creative way to brew your coffee! :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Oh that's really cheap for all that organic stuff! Your souffle looks amazing!

  3. Oooh, the dark chocolate looks so good. I'm glad there's still affordable health superfood stores around; the subscription boxes are cool but they're definitely just too pricey sometimes :c

    Eena // cabin twenty-four


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