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I'm releasing a sigh because next week is my one week off for the spring holiday in Holland! I've been working fulltime 5 days in a row and so I'm quite happy with this break. I'm planning to work on my art works because I have been missing doing them and posting them. There's also one topic I've been missing writing and posting about it too: DIY's and that's why I am happy that I'll be releasing some blogpost about DIY and even artwork very soon.  

Even een diepe zucht slaken want ik heb eindelijk een week vrij (want voorjaarsvakantie)! Ik werk sinds het begin van 2017 fulltime van 5 dagen in de week. Ik vind dat ik best blij mag zijn met deze break, want dan kan ik even mijn eigen ding doen zoals werken aan mijn art. Daarnaast kan ik niet wachten met het posten van DIY blogpost want dat is alweer een tijdje geleden. Ja, ja, ik hou me eraan om minstens 1 DIY post per maand te 


  1. Excited to see these on the blog! My mouth is already watering from seeing the matcha tarts on your Instagram :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I feel the same way lol. I work 5 days a week and when it's the weekend or when I have a vacation/holiday, I finally get to create some content. Hope you'll have a productive spring break!

  3. Love your glasses! The transition to working can be very hard but good luck on it!

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  4. very nice !


  5. Hope you're enjoying your vacation!


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