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This is a sum up blog post about one of my favorite days in Hong Kong 2016 because 1. I was with my cousin Heidi, 2. and we went to a cat café and PomPomPurin Café and 3. I was in a happy place as in body and as in mind.
It makes me misses Hong Kong even more while I am editing and writing about todays blogpost. 

Dit is een samenvatting over een van mijn favoriete dagen in Hong Kong 2016 want 1. ik was met nichtjelief Heidi, 2. en we gingen naar een kattencafé en PomPomPurin Café en 3. ik voelde me erg gelukkig. Ik mis Hong Kong hierdoor nog veel meer na de foto edit en het schrijven van de blogpost van vandaag.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
9:21 AM - the breakfast sofa
My cousin H. has spend the night at my place and the fun quality time spending continues with breakfast on the couch.
9:43 AM Suicide Squad
Right after breakfast me and H. walked to the cinema and to see the movie Suicide Squad. Early movie schedule appears to be cheaper too here in Hong Kong which is why me and H. woke up early this morning and also we want to take the most out that day by spending as much time together. #cousinlove

Causeway Bay - Hong Kong
2:01 PM - Lunch time
One of the things that I really want to tick off my to-go places in Hong Kong 2016 was to visit a cat café which succeeded! After the tasty lunch and the many cat petting we went to PomPomPurin Café for coffee.
» @Ah Meow Cat Café
» @PomPomPurin Café
3:29 PM - To shop or not to shop
Happiness is to shop with your cousin in Causeway Bay. Because your cousin also acts as your camerawoman and translator! #cousinlovepart2
My first time and purchase at Innisfree store!
We went to: Hysan Place mall (one of my favorite malls in HK), one of the largest Uniqlo store, Laforet mall and Eslite Book Store (my favorite bookstore)
7:19 PM - Book sniffle
Eslite Book Store - Causeway Bay - Hong Kong

Such a beautiful book store, I love it! Why I love Eslite Book Store is also because of Ten Ren`s Bubble Tea stall that is located inside the book store itself and serves thé best bubble tea of HK in my opinion. They always have extremely long queues too.
Free refreshing tea tasting to satisfy and keep the waiting line hydrated too.
When I tell people I went to Hong Kong, sometimes they assume that Hong Kong is a poor country and does not have advanced toilets and restrooms. Well. That`s partial true because in rural area and places you can still find squat toilets, I know yuck. But luckily Hong Kong has beautiful public toilets and restrooms too like this one.
8:35 PM - The grocery
For dinner so called, I just bought some food at the local grocery where I have found a product of my country: Dutch cheese!
0:20 AM - The blog duty
I miss my bed and my apartment back in Hong Kong sigh.


  1. Guuurl you look so gorgeous in every photo, especially the ones at 3:29 pm :') Btw just curious, why don't you move to Hong Kong? Seems like you love that place a lot.

  2. I wanna try HK's best bubble tea! :D // How kind of your cousin to get on board with your blogging world and help you out with pictures :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. Aww you have such a unique but cute blog! I love it!

  4. That's a cute blog post idea !


  5. Gosh, HK seems like the kind of place where you'll never run out of things to do! I really want to visit again someday..

  6. Thanks for taking us through the day with you! It does seem like the perfect day with your cousin...



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