From Am to PM with me // in Hong Kong #tb


Another peek in one of my life back in Hong Kong 2016. Also, happy weekend!  

Bekijk en lees alles over mijn leven in Hong Kong destijds in 2016. Ook wens ik jullie een vrolijk weekend alvast! 

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voor Nederlandse
11:02 AM - yoga & laundry
Practice the `dancer` yoga pose and doing and letting my laundry dry.

12.51 PM - lunch
It was raining outside that day so I decided to stay at home and cook something simple for lunch.
Just an easy rice dish and instant coffee.
3:02 PM - going to Tsuen Wan
And it was still raining but me and my dad decided to get out anyways and do some groceries such as in buying dried Chinese herbs. We did that in Tsuen Wan town and because of the convenience we also went to the Tsuen Wan Plaza mall.
When we are in Hong Kong we also stock up our Chinese herbs in our pantry so we visit one of the many authentic Chinese pharmacy. These are no worms by the way but I`m not so sure anymore ha.
3:32 PM - mall strolling
Tsuen Wan Plaza - Tsuen Wan - Hong Kong
One cute popup store of Finnish cartoon/comic character Moomin!
Having a zen moment at my all time favorite shop Muji.
10:02 PM - Taiwanese food
While I was on my way to Tsuen Wan that day, I`ve spotted this restaurant that specializes in Taiwanese food and it made me realize how I miss Taiwan and their amazing food. Stinky tofu anyone? Yeah! Anyway, while it was getting dark and our belly started grumble for dinner, me and my dad went over this place called Taiwan Kitchen.
Taiwan Kitchen - Tsuen Wan - Hong Kong

The food turns out to be nowhere close as the authentic Taiwanese food alas, it was an ok comfort filling food.
We ordered a veggie side dish and a bowl of noodle soups. It appears that Taiwan Kitchen does not have a vegetarian noodle option at all, so I have ordered the pork with preserved vegetables noodles without the pork. It was ok once again.
11:23 PM - late night munchies
These HKD16 mango flavored muffins could have more mango flavors inside but overall it was a nice muffin.


  1. TAIWANESE FOOD!! *Taiwanese pride over here* <33 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. The Taiwanese food looks delicious!
    Great post. :)

  3. these photos are so nice !



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