HK/香港 HOTSPOT: Korean House


At Korean House in Hong Kong which did not really serve 100% Korean food (where was the bibimbap?) but more a mix of Asian food which is still fine by me. And what also was fine is their price because it only cost around 5 bucks to just use their buffet for 1,5 hour. Or! Pay another 5 bucks to include the Korean BBQ! Korean BBQ includes lots of meat and since I don't eat meat except fish, me and my aunt only picked the buffet package one only. One thing for sure, Korean House is a playground for dessertlovers!   

Bij Korean House in Hong Kong serveren ze alleen niet echt 100% Koreaans eten (waar was de bibimbap?) maar het was meer een mix van diverse Asian food wat natuurlijk nog steeds ok is! Wat ook zéér ok is, is de prijs. Je betaalt namelijk rond de €5 voor het buffet waar je 1,5 uur onbeperkt mag eten. Of betaal €5 extra dan krijg je de Koreaanse BBQ erbij! Sinds je bij Koreaans BBQ best veel vlees eet en ik helaas geen vlees meer eet, heb ik en mijn tante maar voor de buffet pakket van €5 gekozen. Een ding is zeker, Korean House is een speeltuin voor toetjesliefhebbers!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
And no that`s not a faucet but an equipment for indoor grill & BBQ on the table. And a great tripod for my camera too ha.

Korean House 韓舍 - Mongkok - Hong Kong 

Me and my auntie F. were seated in an almost empty dining area on the 9th floor.

Bae, I`m a freak at a buffet
But I`m also a pretend professional foodblogger and so I plated up all my food nicely.
Round 1
I was for a couple of weeks in Hong Kong and my taste buds were kind of craving for Western food and I remembered how happy I was to see and eat raw vegetables such as cherry tomatoes and cucumber!
Round 2
One downside is that there were no English translations at the buffet dishes and so when I grabbed this steamed bun I hoped it was 100% veggie steamed bun but that was unfortunate not the case. It was 50% veggie and 50% pork. Sigh, I gave it to my aunt.
Round 3
This is my third time scooping up and it`s also a transition between savory to sweet. Because I was starting to feel full and I really really want to safe space for dessert.
Crispy salmon fish chips!
This is why I want to reserve space for dessert
Because it`s all selfservice at Korean House and you can do whateva you want. Like the mango ice cream from above that I scooped up myself.
In line to make your own microwaved chocolate cupcake. It was more fun to make than to eat it but still.
I also made taiyaki pancakes which tasted yum and fresh!
ADDRESS: 9/F, Chong Hing Square, 601 Nathan Road, Mongkok - HONG KONG

FOOD: •••• 4/5
INTERIOR: •••• 4/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
PRICE: ••••· 4,⁵/5


  1. Great food!

  2. hahahaha for a moment there, i thought it was a faucet for hot water. there's this one sushi place, called genki sushi (it's also available in HK btw! check them out if you haven't, i love their sushi) and they have this faucet on the table and it's hot water for brewing hot ocha so i thought this one's the same thing, lol. but then again, i realized that a faucet wouldn't be placed THAT close to the grill because that'd be ridiculously dysfunctional.

    the dessert section looks so yummy though! ah, i was hoping to see some beef on the grill but since you don't eat beef... :') i usually eat poultry or fish on daily basis too but if there's a buffet for BBQ or shabu shabu, i'd gladly take those beef. also, omg you can scoop your own ice cream and microwave your own cupcake? what kind of magic is that!? i've never seen buffet that gives you much freedom! that's so cool!

  3. Just an extra 5 dollars to include Korean BBQ in your buffet? What a steal! I haven't been to a buffet in so long. It felt like I went to a lot of those when I was little though! I miss them! These foods look delish :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Ahh! The place and food look lovely :')

    Arden | Missing Wanderer

  5. So cheap for a buffet! And the food looks good too! It's so cute that you can make some of the food yourself. Definitely putting this on my must list when I go back in HK.
    Caffeine Rush

  6. Wow! The food and desserts looks delicious. :)
    Great pics.

  7. OMG look at that buffet paradise, the crave is real T^T Will like to visit!

  8. Looks sooo tasty! And like it was a really good atmosphere too.

    Anna x


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