HK/香港 HOTSPOT: Passion by Gérard Dubois


Hong Kong is to me a great example where food is like 'east meets west'. When I was in Hong Kong last summer for 4 weeks I was in no doubt in a food heaven with easy acces to 'pineapple buns', HK milktea style and other HK local foodies and gobbled all these yummies almost daily. But in those 4 weeks, even I long for something from my homeland (which is Holland) and so I crave for western food.

Again, Hong Kong is to  me a great example where food is like east meets west (and visa versa) and so there are tons of Westernized restaurants for me to pick out. Like this one: Passion by Gérard Dubois and is a café specialized in French dishes. Me and my cousin Suki went here for a bite before heading to the Food Expo which I have blogpost'd it before.    

Hong Kong is voor mij een goed voorbeeld waar Oosters eten en Westers eten in overvloed zijn. Toen ik vorig jaar in HK was voor 4 weken was ik zonder twijfel in een food walhalla beland, waarbij ik iedere dag een lekkere 'pineapple broodje' nam, een kopje HK melkthee en andere lekkere lokale producten. Heerlijk! Maar zelfs ik had een beetje heimwee in die 4 weken en dus wilde ik graag weer iets Westers achter mn kiezen hebben.

Nogmaals Hong Kong is dé plek waar de lifestyle van oost en west samenkomen en dus was er genoeg keuze in Westers restaurants zoals deze: Passion by Gérard Dubois. Een mooie café dat gespecialiseerd is in Frans eten. Ik en mijn nichtje Suki gingen hier eten en drinken voordat we naar de Food Expo gingen wat ik overigens eerder heb over gepost.  

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Passion by Gérard Dubois - Wanchai - HONG KONG
(2 floored)
We ordered
1 small salad plate
1 quiche `Lorraine`
1 Illy hot cacao
1 blueberry Danish
Hong Kong 2016 was the year I got introduced to this food alarm pick up device. It goes off when your food is ready and that`s pretty cool!
Hot cacao

I had the hot cacao by the Italian coffee brand Illy and it`s thé best hot cacao I seriously have in my whole life! The chocolate taste is intense and mighty but not too sweet either. Delicious! My cousin who was a big chocolatelover thought this was an amazing cup of hot cacao too. The price was around 3 bucks a cup if I remembered correctly.
Small salad

I`ve decided to go for a nutritious lunch and so I went for a salad. You can either choose a small or large portion. The smaller portion gives you 3 salad options to choose from and the large 6 options.
I don`t really remember what I have chosen but as you can lots of veggies and colors and I also remembered it was delish!
Quiche Lorraine

My cousin S. went for this classic French one, the quiche Lorraine. We had to wait for this gorgeous Lorraine wedge because we had it warmed up in the oven but it was worth it. My cousin S. thought it was tasty! I didn`t taste this quiche fully since it contains meat and I don`t meat but I did taste the crust and it was
buttery delicious!
The pastry display
Was beautiful to look at just like France itself.

Ice cream? Yes please.
The prices for these pastry and cakes were not crazy high as I expected to be. I took my time in picking my pastry choice and finally went for the blueberry Danish. It was only 2 bucks!
When it light up and vibrates: time to pick up our food!
Blueberry Danish

I love puff pastry and blueberry and so this blueberry Danish was just perfect choice for me! Plus it looks so gorgeous! This pastry was also filled with pastry custard and topped with crushed pistachio. Me and my cousin S. shared this piece of pastry and we both agree: it`s very yum!

Lee Tung Street - Wanchai - Hong Kong
I`d like to include this street in todays post since Passion by Gérard Dubois café is located at this beautiful Parisian pedestrian path. This little street has either fancy or modern shops and restaurants with Eastern or Western influence just like Passion by Gérard Dubois café.
It`s a short street but a cozy one.
ADDRESS: G11, G12 and F12A, Lee Tung Avenue, No.200 Queen`s Road East, Wanchai - HONG KONG

FOOD: ••••· 4,⁵/5
INTERIOR: ••••· 4,⁵/5
SERVICE: •••· 3,⁵/5
PRICE: •••• 4/5


  1. ! This past winter break, there was a mall that my family and I went to several times, and the mall had an Illy cafe, or a cafe that served Illy. We never went in, but now I wish I had so that I could have tried their hot chocolate! Also the blueberry danish looks so delicious!! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Oh these travel mag photos! ;) HK has some of the most amazing food I've eaten as of yet. Beautiful interiors :D

  3. Ooh yum that food all looks amazing. I'm surprised you only encountered those food buzzers last year!

  4. I'm a lot like you and have an insatiable craving for western food when I'm gone from home for too long :)

  5. How pretty is Hong Kong?! Here in America (or at least in new york, hahaha) those food devices are pretty common! It's actually a bit startling sometimes when you're in the middle of a conversation and it goes off :p

  6. I love the food at Passion! Although I have mixed emotions towards the place itself as I went on a terrible first date there and had to be rescued by a friend! x

  7. You and Your cousin are so cute!
    Illy's hot cacao is so yummy!!
    I would love to visit HK near Japan!



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