Midweek dining out that I should do more often


Happy 1 February!
A couple of weeks ago I had a small dining out with A. - another bestie of mine. Not in the weekend which I usually do but just in a random work weekday event. I think I should do this more often. No wait I should do it more spontaneously is the right word because after all I don't have a money tree.

 I love eating out and eating out in the midweek can feel like a nice, relaxing break from work. And it also gives my social life a nice boost too. So me and A. dined at Brasserie 1600 for the very first time! Please check it out!

Hallo 1 februari!
Een paar weken geleden had ik een etentje met A. - een van mijn allerbeste vriendinnetje. Meestal eet doe ik uiteten in `t weekend maar dit keer was het ergens op een werkdag. Misschien moet ik dit vaker doen, of beter gezegd zo nu en dan lekker spontaan doen. Uiteten kost geld en geld groeit niet op mijn rug helaas.

Dus! Ik ben dol op uiteten en uiteten ergens midden in een week is best fijn en lekker. Daarnaast geeft 't mijn sociale leven ook een boost. Ik en A. gingen dus uiteindelijk bij Brasserie 1600 eten. Voor het eerst! Bekijk het allemaal hieronder!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Brasserie 1600 - Middelburg - The Netherlands
Rooibos & free bread
Me and A. got ourselves tea first as mine was rooibos flavored. Yum! We also decided to do a main dish and a dessert and after we placed our orders there came the free bread. There is something about free bread at restaurants. It can give the whole dining experience an extra positive (or not). Most of the time I get cold slices of bread with butter and if your lucky the butter has herbs in it. Or sometimes you get bread served that is warm with flavored butter which was the case at Brasserie 1600. I cannot help but to feel good about this restaurant already.
VIP area. Sort of
Brasserie 1600 is located in a typical old building in Dutch style the interior is homey mostly. The pictures below does not really do justice of how tiny and cozy the space was that me and A. dined at but it really was cozy!
According to the menucard Brasserie 1600 cooks with local and organic produce from fairtrade sources and even their cakes and pies are homemade too. I eat either fish or vegetarian dishes when dining out and these options were not too many of it sadly. There was a dish called a `vegetarian specialty` which is a surprise veggie dish. I wasn`t in the mood for surprises that evening so I end up picking the vegetarian hamburger.
Vegetarian hamburger

So this was my main! A bun with in between a soy patty, cucumber, radish and sesame mayo. I`ll be honest about the bun because I thought it looked a bit erm, cheap. Perhaps I was used to see a hamburger in those typical hamburger bun with sesame seeds on top because I was expecting that kind of burger look. Luckily this vegetarian hamburger was tasty and so were the included fries and salad.
Deer stew. Or Bambi stew. Poor Bambi! Though A. did enjoyed and nomming away her
Free refillable fries by the way!
Cheesecake? Yes please!
One of my motto when eating out: there`s always room for dessert and so I end my meal with a cheesecake drizzled with caramel sauce and nuts. A. satisfy herself with a cup of cappuccino and chocolates.

Address: Brasserie 1600 Reigerstraat 9 4331 BA Middelburg - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: •••• 4/5
INTERIOR: •••• 4/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
PRICE: •••∙ 3,⁵/5


  1. Yes to more friend time! My friends and I try to have a dinner get together once a week. :D

  2. Yes to free bread and YES to fries refills! This place sounds like carb heaven haha!

    Jane / deluminators

  3. I'm thinking the exact same thing as Jane! Warm bread <333 and oooomg refillable fries :o // I don't mind scheduling dinners with friends on weeknights because I figure we all need to eat dinner anyway! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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