Night sky in Holland 2


It's official, I am addicted in making night sky pictures. Especially the starry skies. I'm even setting money aside for a better camera lens because my current 12-50mm from Olympus is not the best for nightsnaps honestly. Here are my recent night shootings!  

Het is officieel, ik ben zot geworden op het schieten van nachtfoto's en vooral de sterrenhemel. Ik ben nu ook aan het sparen voor een betere cameralens want de lens die ik nu heb (12-50mm van Olympus) is niet echt geschikt voor nachtkiekjes. Maar goed. Hier zijn mijn meest recente nachtkiekjes!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
Horror and beauty
Here at a nearby mini forest in my hometown. Pretty scary at night if you ask me and other than that. It is also a popular place where dog owners let their dog out so I was also scared that me or my tripod being victimized with feces.
Learning from a flaw like this one.
A lonesome 14 Feb.
Valentines Day yesterday got rewarded with a clear night sky! So I went outside and took this opportunity to snap and improve my starry night pictures. Here are the result. As you will see I`ve brought a light prop as well!
Standing and holding still (and failing) like a statue for 13 sec while holding this Christmas light on battery.
So I`ve decided to dance.
And be free.


  1. I am obsessed with your photos! Looking forward to what you produce with your new lens!! The forest is such a lovely place to look at stars

    nat // dignifiable

  2. Love the light art! Ooh new lenses are always exciting :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. Beautiful pics! I am looking forward to seeing more in the future. :)

  4. This is surreal


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