This PMQ building speaks to my soul


PMQ is a building in Central - Hong Kong and to me a playground and source of inspirations. If you like design, art, handmade, food, lifestyle and music you should bookmark this place! Me and my aunt stayed from early afternoon to late evening at the playing and exploring around the PMQ building.   

PMQ is een gebouw in Central - Hong Kong en voor mij is het een ware speeltuin. Als je van design, kunst, handgemaakt, eten, lifestyle en muziek hou dan moet je deze plek echt onthouden en bezoeken! Ik en mijn tante waren vanaf de vroegste middag tot laat in de avond in de PMQ gebouw wezen snuffelen en hangen namelijk. 

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For your information and fun facts, the PMQ building used to be a college school to become a police officer until 2000. After that it pretty much was an empty building but in 2010 it turned and transformed into a building for endless creative purposes in merchandise, food, art and design and is basically a home to many young or (g/b)old creative artists. To me this PMQ building is a great source of creative inspirations and I love love love it!
Firstly an event!
The first thing that me and my aunt bumped into at the PMQ was The Beatles. PMQ organizes and holds different kinds of events, themes or invites guest artists every month. How fun and dynamic! That time when I was at PMQ, PMQ was honored to showcase rare photographs of The Beatles and organized an honorable shout out for The Beatles, one of the greatest band in the music history.
Lets explore this
Basically at every floor I was discovering the many hidden amazing gems.
You can use the elevator or you can use the staircases and discover artworks on each one of them.
uh, yes I totally am! #proudhongkie
Though this souvenir shop sells quite pricey beautiful stuff.
Pretty plastic bag vases!
Say hi to these shops!


I took my sweet time talking with the friendly shop owner and designer of FABcessories! She really made me think of starting my own artsy shop here in the PMQ building but that of course is still a far away of a silly dream, anyway. I thought she had a cute impressive looking braid as well.

(it appears that they have moved)
A beautiful book store with a nice selection of stationery too! Here I bought these special environmentally friendly pens that are made of food leftovers.
Open Quote also has a small art gallery! I really like this drawing of my favorite HK milk tea a lot.
Say hi to these
food places!
Which me and my ate sat down for cake, coffee and ice cream.
More about Levain bakery soon but I`d love to take you to Alice Wild ice cream parlor down below!

Alice Wild - Central - HONG KONG 

One scoop is HKD38 which is to me a bit pricey ice cream than the usual. But this Greek yogurt flavored ice cream is surely sour and delicious!
The night was young but surely it arrived
Just a few more floors before going home.

This shop is called `Bread N Butter` and is one of my favorite chain boutique. This location has even got a café! Sadly me and my aunt didn`t sat down for their fries. 
Cute miniature polymer clay of local HK pastries which were also a bit overpriced. Overall everything at PMQ was quite on the pricier side which I totally understand. Handmade products are always pricier than mass factory production am I right?
Witnessing a cooking show being filmed and recorded!
Apparently this dude is quite famous in Hong Kong yet I have never heard/seen of him lol.
A beautiful wellmade and executed see saw design. See I told you this PMQ is a playground.


  1. The shops look so cute!
    I'm a huge fan of The Beatles. The painting of them is stunning.
    Amazing post. :)

  2. Seems that you had a lot of fun!

  3. This place looks so awesome! Everything under one roof. It would totally be the perfect place for you to start a shop ;)

  4. Wonderful post!
    I also hope your lovely shop open in PMQ!!


  5. This is such a cool place with a good mix of shops and sights :D Lots of creative inspiration! Also yes, that braid is v impressive. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. I had no idea they had that in the middle of HK - how very cool


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