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#noblogpostrelated but first things first. Yesterday was the big Dutch election here in The Netherlands and every 18+ year old Dutch citizen has the right to vote. I too voted. I mean you should always vote am I right? It appears that 81% of us has voted and all I can say is that I am happy and relieved that the right-winged populism has lost. I have followed the election till midnight and I was looking quite zombie this morning at work. #whoops but anyway back to the topic of today.

My Spring break in Holland has finished 2 weeks ago and one of the things I did during my break was hanging out with my bestie Arta in a Dutch city called Den Bosch during the Dutch carnaval!  

#nietzoblogpostgerelateerd maar toch. Ik wilde even kwijt over de grote verkiezing van gisteren en ik kan zeggen dat ik héél blij bent dat de extreem rechts niet heeft gewonnen. Ik heb de verkiezingen via NOS en op RTL Late Night show gevolgd tot middernacht (wat wellicht niet zo handig was), en was eigenlijk brak geworden de volgende ochtend. Inderdaad niet zo handig als je `s morgens vroeg moet werken, maar goed. Al met al, ik ben heel blij en nu moet stoppen voordat ik te politiek gaat worden.

Mijn voorjaarsvakantie was 2 weken terug al geëindigd en in deze vakantie heb ik met mijn bestie Arta in Den Bosch gehangen en carnaval gevierd. Althans een beetje. 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
Fuel up with food.
Because we can`t explore Den Bosch and celebrate the Dutch carnaval with an empty stomach, am I right?

When you`re in the city Den Bosch, you just have to try out their famous signature cake called the Bossche bol and you are going to do that at the Bossche Bol-guru of Den Bosch: Jan de Groot patisserie. I have never been here before but everyone is telling me that Jan de Groot has thé best Bossche Bol in town, so me and A. stayed at the Jan de Groot firstly for a fresh Bossche Bol.
Jan de Groot - Den Bosch - The Netherlands

If you can read Dutch you probably want to try out more than just the Bossche
The Bossche Bol!
A pastry dome filled with whipped cream which was light, fluffy and not heavy with chocolate fondant. I have had Bossche Bol before, but the store bought version from a supermarket. The ones from Jan de Groot tasted 10x fresher, better and divine.
Lets explore!
Me and A. felt quite sugarrushed after that huge Bossche bol so we were so ready to explore Den Bosch on foot.
This is Dutch Carnaval
As you might see, the city Den Bosch looked a bit more dressed up with flags, props and people in red, white and black with a frog. Exactly! Exactly! Like I have said before this is Dutch carnaval where people of Den Bosch dress up. Den Bosch itself is a huge lover of Dutch carnaval and has it own carnaval name for their city as well: Oeteldonk. To me who is not a huge fan of the Dutch carnaval find it pretty weird but also quite fun too. The Dutch carnaval in Den Bosch is an important holiday and people celebrate it for a week long.
At a carnaval prop shop.
Me trying and attempt to blend in with Oeteldonk with my own sorta carnaval outfit. Which is #fail of course but at least I was cheerful as the people from Den Bosch.
The atmosphere in Den Bosch Oeteldonk is warm and sociable! Everyone, the oldies the youngsters, boys and girls, everyone was having a good time.
Can we shop now?
At the many pretty shop locations in old Dutch style buildings.
A lot of cafés and lunchrooms were closed during the Dutch carnaval but luckily me and A. found a cozy one at a bookstore!
Adr. Heinen - Lunchroom - Den Bosch - The Netherlands

We ordered:
1 mint tea
1 flat white
2 soup of the day (pumpkin soup) with bread
Delicious homemade soup with good flavors and heat of the ginger.
Why I am not a fan
Why I`m not a fan of the Dutch carnaval is the involvement of alcohol. And I mean lots of alcohol will be consumed during the carnaval and I myself am not a drinker at all. Therefor I`m not a fan. Apart from the fun dress up.
Hiya tipsy
Thank you Den Bosch! You were great!


  1. Amazing post, the pictures are truly gorgeous, I love your blog, love your outfit as well, really inspiring. Thank you for sharing, you look stunning!!!



  2. Good to hear the Netherlands bucked the trend of right wing populist parties winning elections. I've never heard of Den Bosch before! That cake/pastry looks amazing.

  3. I need to bring my bf to Den Bosch! He's a BIG (and I mean really BIG) Bossche bol fan. I find the ones from AH quite dry so I'm dying to try the real deal. Your carnaval pictures are so colorful. I live in the Northern area of The Netherlands and we never celebrate it here. (Which I don't mind because I too am not much of a drinker, like no alcohol at all lol XD)

  4. omg the bossche bol looks so delicious!! I'd also welcome pumpkin soup and toast, especially in this cold weather :) I'm not a drinker either, but I don't really mind if other people drink :P I'm glad you had a great time at the carnival! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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