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11:20 AM // chill while house inspecting
That day in HK I had a health inspection going through my apartment just to check out for possible molds, vermin and other icky unwanted. Therefor I had to move some pots and pans from the kitchen cupboard and such to the coach. Meanwhile I reading and Spotifying and had a quite relaxing morning actually.
1:28 PM // a cat event
I have posted + vlogged about this topic before, please check it all out at the link below:
1:48 PM // MOS Burger
Headed to Mong Kok for a quick lunch takeaway at one of my favorite Japanese fast food joint MOS Burger where I got a delicious pumpkin burger. Indeed 100% vegetarian.
4:37 PM // going to Tsim Sha Tsui
Where I met up with aunt B.
5:00 PM // Hong Kong Museum of History
Along with my auntie B. we went to check out a museum called HK Museum of History. I have been here before years ago but it appears that they have added a few new attractions inside the museum which was worth to check it out. And the best part: it`s FREE. I repeat FREE.
An educative museum in modern & traditional style about the history of Hong Kong. Beautiful!
5:51 PM // a veggie snack
From the Museum of History me and my aunt. B walked straight to this small veggie based food place with a takeaway window. Here I got myself a yummy turnip cake, my favorite dim sum.
Ah Sin Vegetarian - Tsim Sha Tsui - HONG KONG

6:18 PM // tea time
But my auntie B. didn`t want anything from the previous veggie shop so we went to another place where we had HK milktea with steamed kaya toast together. I have never had steamed toast before but it tasted pretty nice! I might going to try it out with peanut butter at home.
Ya Kun - Tsim Sha Tsui - HONG KONG

6:37 PM // skyline of HK
After our little food break, me and my auntie B. strolled down to a boulevard to check out the picturesque signature view of HK.
9:17 PM // herbal soup
After a long day spending with my aunt, I went home and on my way I grabbed myself this bottle of herbal soup/tea. Something so convenient that I miss here in Holland.


  1. I love turnip cake! // Free museums are so important <3 // Now I'm craving MOS Burger. I had it once a long long time ago; I can't even remember what I got or what it tasted like! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I was in Hong Kong last summer visiting my best friend who was living out there at the time, this brings back so many memories - the food in TST was the best!

    The Little Things x

  3. never been to Hong-Kong but it's in my list. in your photos it looks even more dreamy than I normally see. thanks for sharing!

    Inside and Outside Blog
    P.S. would you like to follow each other?

  4. Great pleasure to visit this amazing blog, thank you for sharing!!!


  5. Mmmmm I really can't get enough of that food


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