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That time when I was in Tai O - Hong Kong and gave my lungs fresher air. I have been to Hong Kong for some numerous time now but I have never been to Tai O before but like Michelle from Daisybutter who also posted a blogpost about Tai O here, I have decided to be adventurous as Michelle as well and went day tripping with my family in Tai O. For the culture seeking, local food exploring, dolphin spotting and again to give my lungs fresher air and be away from the smog. 

Dat ene keer dat we naar Tai O - Hong Kong zijn gegaan om onze longen wat verse lucht te geven. Ik moet eerlijk bekennen dat ik nog niet eerder in Tai O ben geweest, maar net zoals Michelle van Daisybutter die ook een blogpost deed over Tai O en op avontuurtocht was geweest, besloot ik het ook maar te doen. Samen met mijn familie. We gingen wat cultuur opsnuiven, lokaal eten proeven, dolfijnen spotten en nogmaals, onze longen wat verse lucht te geven en even uit de smog van HK te zijn.

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The arrival
It was raining during our bus ride but glad it stopped once we arrived at Tai O fishing village!
Me at the signature Tai O steel bridge: Tai Chung bridge and not only tourists were walking on this bridge but also lots of locals such as school classes too.
Streetfood, markets and fishery
When going to Tai O you go for their typical markets stalls, street food and of course the fishery which what made Tai O big as it is today. The streets and lanes can be smelly yes, but trust me it will be a colorful experience too and so worth it!
Oldskool style scale.
Can someone please tell me what that is in the upper right corner? Like, yikes!
I am kind of against these fish catching but sigh, it is also part of culture which makes it extra conflicting.
Me and my family didn`t eat anything from the market or streetfood but we went to have lunch at one of the local restaurants and after that we went for dessert: delicious tofu pudding (豆腐花). It literally means `bean curd flower` and of the best HK local desserts!
We ordered:
Shrimp paste fried rice // rice noodle soup with pork // fishball soup // pork rice // toast with jam
a satisfying comforting lunch overall.
Delicious authentic local tofu pudding as dessert! One bowl for just HK$12 only! 
Dolphin spotting
After our feast, me and my cousin H. decided to take the boat excursion for a nice fresh of air out in the ocean and apart from that in the hope to spot the endangered pink dolphin species. And we sorta got lucky.
The big part of Tai O is build on stilts and poles and it is super fascinating to see.
Time to spot some dolphins.
Yep, that tiny almost invisible white dot is a piece of the dolphins flapper ha. It was pretty exciting and everyone on the boat was desperate in spotting the dolphins too. Mission partly succeeded.
``Where where where? There!! Theeeere!``
This shop with handmade items
Me and my family bumped into this cute shop with cute and inspiring merch! I didn`t split open my wallet here but my cousin H. did and bought a cute pair of earrings.
The rest of Tai O
This picture is dear to me and special. Mainly because I`m a huge catlover by heart and these cats were following the man who`s probably the owner and I thought it looked so so so sweet. I have actually made a post of the cats I have found in Hong Kong. Check it out down below the link:
Going back to mainland Hong Kong by ferry with a melon flavored cake.


  1. The market seems like such an awesome place! Already spotted so many things i'd buy just from your shots :D

  2. All the food!! I miss the food so much :') Also that sushi fan was pretty cool -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  3. omg, i want to go to hong kong one day. i'm overdue for an adventure lol


  4. I think I remember Michelle's post! Looks like a nice place to take a breather from the city!

    Jane / deluminators

  5. The food looks good!
    Wonderful scenery and area. :)

  6. That melon flavoured cake looks so delicios.


    Melon pan eater


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