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One my personal favorite hotspots in Hong Kong 2016 is the PMQ building in Central (fuller post here). PMQ building is home to even more hotspots inside owned by creative and foodie owners. One of these hotspots is the Levain Bakery. Me and my aunt came accros it during our hours of strolling at PMQ and all the strolling made us hungry. It made the decision wheter to take a coffee break at the Levain Bakery or not a lot easier because o boy me and my aunt (and our legs too) were sure in a mood for something rewarding! Please check it all out down below.

Een van mijn persoonlijke favoriete hotspots in Hong Kong 2016 is de PMQ gebouw (vollere blogpost hier). 't PMQ gebouw biedt thuis aan de vele creatievelingen en foodies een plekje om een zaak, galerie of café te hebben. Een van de cafés is de Levain Bakery die ik en mijn tante tijdens de vele uren rondsnuffelen in het PMQ gebouw en waren eigenlijk beetje uitgehongerd. Het was daarom een makkelijke keuze om bij Levain Bakery even een koffie pauze te nemen en wat hadden zin in iets lekkers na het zien van de vitrine! Bekijk ze gauw hieronder allemaal.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Levain Bakery - Central - Hong Kong
Levain means sourdough in French
Having an attractive cake display is so so important for café owners and I guess foodie-IG owners as well ha just for the IG-worthy shot and fortunate Levain Bakery has a great one! With a nice cup of coffee too of course.

I`m a fan of Levain Bakery and what I love about Levain Bakery is that they specializes in European (sourdough)bread, pastries and cakes and everything is handmade too. Bonus points! And because back then I was in HK and started having homesick and cravings for Western food, Levain Bakery was there just in time to safe me and fulfill my cravings.
We ordered
2 flat white coffee
1 Mont Blanc cake
1 pistachio mousse cake
Thumbs up from my auntie F. and of course I agree as well.
My favorite C`s: cake & coffee

Only the cat is missing in this context but alas. Me and aunt we both do have a high standard in food (foodies by blood) but I can assure you we really enjoyed our coffee break with the cakes because it was: not sickly sweet, fresh and light. My pistachio mousse cake looked amazing but the taste with subtle pistachio flavor was also amazeballs too. We also had a lovely service which was also the baker at this Levain Bakery location as well and she made everything that was shown in the display. Wow, applause!
ADDRESS: PMQ, 35 Aberdeen Street, Central - HONG KONG

FOOD: ••••· 4,⁵/5
INTERIOR: ••• 3,⁵/5
SERVICE: •••• 4/5
PRICE: ••• 3/5

More about me at the PMQ building, this way please for the fuller blogpost:


  1. Looking for nice food is part of the traveling adventures..Hong Kong is one of the food heaven.

  2. There is a Levain bakery in NYC too that I went to but I don't think they're related! Baked things are always a good idea.

  3. I'm a fan of cake and coffee as well! wow we have so much in common :o :D <3 -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. Yummy! I totally need a coffee and pastry break! :)


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