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A while ago I bumped into a secondhand store in my hometown and now it happen to be one of  my favorite shops to explore, browse and to lose track of time at because I have found some pretty stuff such as vintage camera's! It is no secret I love photography and snap pictures and thanks to this secondhand shop I have cranked up my camera collection. Check it all out down below! 

Een tijdje geleden stuitte ik op een tweedehands winkeltje in mijn woonplaats en het is nu een van mijn favoriete plekjes om rond te snuffelen en beetje mijn tijd te verdoen. Ik heb namelijk leuke dingen gevonden, zoals vintage camera's! Het is geen geheim dat ik dol ben op fotografie en foto's maken en dankzij dit tweedehands winkeltje heb ik mijn camera collectie omhoog gebracht. Bekijk ze eens hieronder!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
The retired ones
Certo Certina (1966) // Minolta HI-MATIC S2 (1977) // Canon Canonet 28 (1971) // Ricoh 35 EFS (1980)
This is also my first Canon camera ever and it cost me €4,50! I have seen in the internet that some people dare to ask $120 bucks for it.
The total
With 1 working camera only (Olympus OMD E-M5 Mark II) but I am planning to check out the retired analog camera ones to see if they still work! It would be nice to explore and experience the analog side of photography.
What camera do you use?


  1. i envy your collection! all those analog cameras are such a dream! i mean, a konica minolta! wow. gah, i miss shooting in films but i can't find any place to process my rolls so i haven't been taking pics with analog camera for years now. bummer. the olympus pen or omd is also my dream mirrorless camera. i also want the fujifilm x series, argh this brings back so many memories when i did so many research regarding cameras.

    i currently have a sony SLT as my dslr and primary gear, the sony alpha77 with standard zoom and 50mm f/1.4 lens; and then there's my plastic toy camera, the superheadz ultrawide toy camera, a yashica fx-3 super and a pentax Q10 mirrorles camera which i gave to my mom to use because even though it's small and cute (only the size of my palm!), the sensor is too small for my taste so yeah ^^;;

  2. Nice collection! I too used to buy vintage cameras. However i have slowly started to sell them to make my money back. i still need to get around to selling my Olympus trip!

    Nat // Dignifiable​

  3. Oh wow! I would love to see how the photos from these turn out. Aside from my main camera, I only have an instax.

  4. Lovely camera collection! I remember the time when I seriously lusted after the Olympia Pen! Currently I use the Song RX300 :)

  5. So many cameras! <3 I only have the one my dad gave me when I was a senior in high school, which is a Panasonic Lumix DMC-GX1. // How amazing that you got that camera for 4.50! What a steal :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  6. Currently i am not using any camera. though i really am interested in photography and especially am fascinated by photographing people and also do envy them and their ability, i could never get into photography too deep. i have a minolta dynax 7000i which i have used some times. so keep on your plan, inform us and inspire us (especially me ;P) to get out!

  7. Your pictures show me again that it is really worth to visit, thanks for sharing! You will like to see more fun from here.

  8. OMG, what a great collection! I have a thing with vintage cameras but they're expensive in my city. I currently use Canon G7x Mark ii

  9. woah, those vintage cameras. I wish you got them all work! it would be amazing to check out how the pic turns out? and well, I need some recommendation mirrorless camera for replacing my Canon Digicam :( around 4/5 millions?

    Thank you so so much!


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