My Teacher Lookbook 1


I don't exactly talk about my work to much at my blog. Or at least not in deep details anyways. I'd like to highlight my work part more with you guys by showing of what I wear as a..... schoolteacher! Yup that's my function or at least the big part of it because my function also consists of pupil-care, remedial teaching and assisting. Anyways. This blogpost  of today is the first lookbook about my teacher/work outfit and I am planning to turn it into a blogserie as well!


Ik praat niet echt over mijn werk op mijn blog. Althans niet echt in diepe details. Daar ga ik verandering in brengen. Ik ga op een leuke manier mijn werk aan jullie zien door mijn werkkleren aan jullie te showen. Correctie, mijn juf-werkkleding want inderdaad ik werk op een school namelijk. Mijn functie beslaat veel meer dan juf zijn voor leerling hoor, ik doe veel aan leerlingenzorg, remedial teaching en biedt onderwijsondersteuning. De lookbook-blogpost vandaag is de eerste variant en ben ook van een blogserie van te maken! 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Comfy & warm

The grey top is actually a dress ha but I got hide under a skirt. I mean, layering is in right? Plus it keeps my bottom body warm.
top: Uniqlo // skirt: Vero Moda // fluffy cardigan: H&M
Upside down daikon

We had warmer days here in Holland so I showed up with a short sleeved top. The pencil skirt is nice and basic and makes me look extra teacher`ish too.
top: Collect Point HK// pencil skirt: Costes
Don`t be a fool stay in school

Looking colorful, basic and these (fake) glasses to increase the feeling of being smart.
glasses: Firmoo // cardigan: Miss Etam // blouse: H&M // pants: One Piece

This look has got to be my favorite teacher look so far. I love love love these pair of dungerees so much and they feel super comfy too! The many pockets are also super handy for storing pens, post-its notes, a hair band, keys etc. etc.
cardigan: H&M // blouse: H&M // dungarees: Liquor & Poker
Slouchy vs serious

These pants I would describe them as sweatpants meets dresspants. They look just enough not looking tacky at all but does have the comfort feel of sweatpants! That`s so brilliant!
blazer: Miss Etam // top: Primark // pants: Uniqlo


  1. Loooving the fourth outfit! Loving the colours in the third outfit. Also the sleeves in the second outfit are so fun! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I love this post, I love seeing what people wear to work especially if their workplace is something a bit different to the corporate or creative industries. Your overalls outfit is my favourite too.

  3. Love your outfits, especially #3 & #4!
    Great post as always. :)

  4. Lovely lookbook!
    I bet you are so great and cute teacher!


  5. love all your outfits! my favorite first and last one!


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