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Going to Den Bosch
More of this coming soon!
The signature cake in Den Bosch is this chocolate dome filled with cream thingie called `Bossche Bol` and it`s darn delicious!
Also it was Dutch carnaval and as you can see everyone dressed up into something colorful. I tried to blend in myself with a bunny headband.
My Valentines day
I was mainly in the kitchen. Solo.
Valentine at work
Which was also food related where I made chocolate bowls and chocolates with my pupils! It was very fun but also exciting because I never made chocolate bowls before. I`ve seen it on the internet enough so I have decided to make it with my class and the results were not bad!

Thank you Jane for your belated X-mas card and chocolate!! 
» Jane - deluminators
Another Chinese New Year eating and feasting out with the family.
Bunny basket
Have you checked out these crochet bunny basket yet? No? Check it out at the link down below! Also thanks to Audrey ( for the mug cover tip it is pretty awesome!
» Crochet Bunny Basket
These green tea cheesetart recipe is coming soon! I promise!!
Here me and G. encountered the most fluffiest lama ever with real lama fur!
A sushi date
I haven`t had sushi in a long long long while and so when F. (hi!) asked me to go out for a sushi dinner I didn`t need to think twice. We went to a new sushi place and though their interior looks quite impressive, their sushi was not so and it was just average and very salty unfortunate.
Phone snippets
Lunch with A. at Slot Oostende // Wereldmuseum // Snowglobe making with my class
» My Night Sky in Holland


  1. Love your outfit in that sixth photo! Still not over the matcha tarts :3 The Den Bosch looks good too <3 Wishing you a great week! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Oh man, the things you did in your kitchen! YUM!!

  3. Those green tea cheesetarts look so cute!! Hope you liked the Caramello Koala - I tried to find something that you might not get over there??

  4. All of the sweet treats looks so good.
    I haven't had sushi in so long. This makes me want to get some! Haha. :)

  5. I love all the photos in this post!! I've seen the balloon technique for chocolate bowls in the internet too, but am yet to try it out to myself. Maybe this summer.

    xo, Richel V.


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