sushi, ginger tea and pie


Here are 3 mini Hong Kong hotspot reviews (A Nice Gift, Genki Sushi, Zoë) because on each on its own they contain just to little blog material to have their own blogpost each, so hence this merge together solution. I hope these hotspots will trigger inspire you for your future planned HK trip and otherwise I hope it triggered your hunger. It does to me at least because I am craving for good sushi meal right now.


Hier zijn 3 mini Hong Kong hotspot reviews (A Nice GiftGenki SushiZoë), want als ik ze apart met ieder hun eigen blogpost moest doen, gaat het niet lukken. Ik heb namelijk te weinig blogmateriaal om het blogpost-waardig te maken. Ach ja, vandaar deze fusering met z'n drieën! Hopelijk dient het ook als een inspiratie voor je toekomstige trip naar HK en anders hoop ik dat ik je goed-honger heb gemaakt. Ik althans wel, want tsjonge ik snak enorm naar sushi nu.

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voor Nederlandse

 A Nice Gift - Wanchai - Hong Kong 
Ginger tea with fish balls
`A Nice Gift` is a Taiwanese inspired and based tea & coffee shop with little snack offering such as fish balls and noodles.
Not sure anymore but you get 10 pieces of these yummy fish balls with simple but really good seasoning on top. Especially the pepper is really good.
And of course my ginger tea who was made by my dearest cousin G. was nice, has a good amount of heat, not too sweet and refreshing. Thanks cousin for the little behind the scene at the counter as well!
 Genki Sushi - Wanchai - Hong Kong 
From left to right

longfin tuna with spicy sauce // deep fried oyster // salmon sashimi
veggie udon // veggie croquette // eel & cheese roll
eel handroll // edamame // scallop skirt

 Zoë - Tsim Sha Tsui - Hong Kong 
I walked to Zoë for a dessert after supper and it was quite late in the evening already and because of that the cake display looked empty. But I can image how 10x pretty it might look like when it`s fully stocked.
Simple but delicious banana cream pie.
Accompanied with good yarn work and good berry flavored tea.


  1. Ah the Taiwanese inspired shop! You know I love Taiwanese food! <33 All the other food looks delish too :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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