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A couple of weeks back I had a little family lunch with my dad, brother, uncle and auntie at a local restaurant Slot Oostende. I love family joins because there's usually lots of food involvement especially when eating out together and also because usually my dad or another grown up will take care of the bill... Cough. Anyway.

Slot Oostende is also a new restaurant with a brewery inside. I even saw that they have 'beer soup' on the menu! I didn't take that one but I'll definitely order that next time. Check down below what me and my foodie family has eaten at Slot Oostende.

Een paar weken terug had ik een familie lunch met papa, broer, oom en tantes bij `t restaurant Slot Oostende. Ik ben dol op familie bijeenkomsten want meestal gaat dit gepaard met lekker eten en bij buiten de deur eten is het helemaal een feest. De feit dat papa of door iemand anders de rekening in handen nemen, maakt zulke familie uitjes extra plezierig... kuch.

Maar goed! Slot Oostende is een nieuw restaurant met een eigen brouwerij. Ik zag dat ze zelf 'biersoep' op de menukaart staan die ik graag voor de volgende keer wil bestellen en proeven. Voor nu heb ik voor jullie mijn familie en onze lunch bij Slot Oostende. 
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voor Nederlandse
Say hi to my family!
And we ate
1 shrimp croquettes dish // 1 Chef`s Lunch special // 1 pasta scampi // 1 healthy club sandwich // 1 pizza fungi

1 apple juice // 1 orange juice // 3 cappuccino // 1 `witch` tea
Papa had the fresh pasta with shrimps and was lovely. My aunt shared the homemade shrimp croquette dish with my uncle. We kind of shared our dishes together anyway and so I had a taste and a bite of everything including the shrimp croquette which were very yum.
My other auntie ordered the `healthy` styled club sandwich which consist slices of tomato, cheese, ham, cucumber and egg drizzled in curry mayo. Then my brother ordered the `chef lunch special` and it`s basically one compact lunch of a bowl tomato soup, chicken satay and a toast with egg on a nice wooden platter.
Then there was me
I could`t decide between their homemade shrimp croquette and the pizza but after knowing that my aunt will order the shrimp croquette (and knowing I`ll get my share too) I went for the pizza fungi without ham but with extra mushroom. The pizza looked artisan made because it didn`t looked perfectly round. Like any realItalian pizza the bottom has charred bits to it. Since I haven`t had a good pizza in a long while, this pizza was a nice treat again.
Check out this gooey shrimp croquette with tiny shrimp meat, so good!
This herbal tea called `witch` tea and because I was struggling with the tea strainer, all my tea went floating in my cup #beinghuman.
A restaurant with a brewery
Restaurant Slot Oostende is not just a restaurant but has a brewery as well! You can actually book a tour through their brewery. Their modern interior with touches of medieval here and there is great.
The sink in the toilet.

ADDRESS: Singelstraat 5 4461 HZ Goes - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
INTERIOR: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
PRICE: ••••∙ 4/5


  1. The shrimp croquettes and pasta scampi look so delicious! I like family joints as well. Because they're personal to the owners, I feel like the experience is a lot more intimate and thoughtful :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. Haha, I love eating with my family for the exact same reason! Everything here looks amazing by the way, I don't think I'd know what to choose!

  3. ooo those croquettes looked tasty

  4. I love going out to lunch with my family too because someone else always gets the bill xD I try to pitch in but they never let me sooo anyways. ahaha! The food looks great. Glad you had a great time with your loved ones.

    cabin twenty-four

  5. It is so great time that family have a lunch!
    My family live in different place each other,
    but I would love to try to gather them at nice restaurant like your photos!!



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