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Sigh, another week full of work that is done and it's a good one. How about yours? A couple of Fridays back I have documented my day and I'd like to share it with you down below. Have a great #TGIF and weekend everyone!

Zucht, alweer een week gewerkt en ik ben best tevreden over deze week. Hoe zit het bij jou? Een paar vrijdagen terug heb ik de dag gedocumenteerd en deze wil ik met alle liefde aan jullie presenteren hieronder. Het is #TGIF en ik wens je een fijn weekend toe!

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voor Nederlandse
7:10 AM // good morning
My alarm clock on a working weekday goes off at 7:10 in the morning. Because I need to be at work at 8:00. Since it`s already Spring the mornings are usually brighten already and that day was a sunny start too.

7:35 AM // breakfast
A truth to be told, I rarely eat a whole breakfast on workdays but since I planned to do a blogpost about my day I made breakfast. Ha. Anyway it`s a fruity breakfast with richly filled yogurt bowl. Because 8 out of 10 I just eat one piece of fruit with tea.
7:40 AM // van a to work
Before my car broke down and still drive and nowadays I bike to work. 10 km long! I Am stil looking for a car and when I find the right one I`ll let you guys know of course.
8:45 AM // good morning class
Hi and welcome to my class! Me and my class usually starts around 8:45 and ends at 2:45 PM. That morning was also a fun special morning too because the school organised a `pancake-morning` and so the kids played with the batter, cooked and ate their own made pancakes. It was quite fun and after the pancake chaos we continued our day with math, Dutch language, reading and more under my wings.

The school fruit of that week was a yummy honeydew.
4:55 PM // exhausted but yay #tgif!
Though I dismiss my class at 2:45 PM teachers like myself don`t get to leave work so soon as there`s still work to mark, class preparations to be done and cleaning up to do. I usually arrive home at 5:30 PM but since it was Friday I dismissed myself an hour earlier.
I`ve had a good workday! Time to zone out with music for a while.
8:19 PM // dindin
My papa cooked something up with veggies, tofu and of course rice.
9:00 PM // TV!
My evenings before bedtimes are usually relaxing one with comfortfood, knit-and yarn works and a tv where I watch my favorite shows and series. One of my favorite serie that has ended it first season is Stranger Things. Have you watched it too?

Stranger Things is a horror/fantasy/drama serie and I`ve decided to watch it because of Youtube comments about the main girl (Eleven) where she also appears in a music video clip from Sigma. Thanks to these Youtube comments I got really curious and so I end up watching Stranger Things. Without regrets. I don`t know about you but sometimes Youtube comments has a strong influence on people. Anyway I am waiting in full patient for the second season. Meanwhile I am watching: Pretty Little Liars, Supernatural, Jane the Virgin and Naruto. I also have watched 2 ep. of 13 Reasons Why but I`m not sure if I`ll continue with it.


  1. 10km bike rides every school day?? Amazing! Don't even need to go to the gym :P // Ah I love Stranger Things! I binged the whole series in two or three days :D -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. This looks like a lovely start to the weekend! I watched Stranger Things last fall, it's a pretty crazy show!

  3. I loved Stranger Things and can't wait for the second season either!

  4. Cooking in class is so cool! And really, why is the honeydew so photogenic? Haha. And yay for Stranger Things!! I love it too!

    xo, Lou | Caffeine Rush

  5. It seemed a tiring day! but you made through it! and RICE for Friday dinner!? YAH!!!!

  6. wow very nice photos and I like the way how you shared your day with us. short and precise!

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