I went and came back with 2nd-hand fleas


Today I didn't go to work because I have a day off thanks to the Ascending Day in The Netherlands. And what does a person like me do on a day off? You go out with friends to see a flea/vintage market and write a blogpost about it.

This is so rare for me to write a blogpost about the happenings of the very same day. I don't know but since I've decided to slow things down with blogging, spontaneous blogging like this one is quite refreshing and I really enjoy it.

I also want to thank you guys for your thoughts about me considering on pursuing getting a master degree at the previous blogpost! Hopefully more of this coming soon.  

Vandaag hoefde ik net als vele andere niet te werken want het was Hemelvaartsdag. En wat doet een persoon zoals ik op haar vrije dag? Juist, ze gaat op pad met vrienden. Naar een vlooienmarkt welteverstaan en ook nog gelijk erover bloggen.

Dit is best zeldzaam: over een gebeurtenis bloggen en deze op dezelfde dag versturen naar je eigen blog. Sinds ik besloten heb om `t bloggen wat rustiger aan te doen, is het spontaan bloggen zoals nu best verfrissend is en bovendien erg leuk om te doen.

Nog bedankt voor jullie berichtjes over mijn overweging op het behalen van een master diploma in mijn vorige blogpost! Hopelijk meer van dit binnenkort.   

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

2 bucks please!
This vintage fair has a name and it goes by `Vlissingen Vlooit` (literally means: Vlissingen Fleas) and dares to put out an entrance price for visitors. Two bucks! I was a bit in a love & hate position about this because I love flea markets but I just don`t like the idea of paying to see vintage/2nd-hand merchandise. Sigh. So I paid anyway, received a stamp on my hand as confirmation and had high hopes for this fancy vintage fair.
Love the location though of this flea market fair which is this old machine factory.

my seek list:

- a (leather) backpack
- a cake stand
- vintage camera (preferable twin lens camera`s)
- kitchen tools
Awesome! And I almost purchased you.
Am not to fond of old dolls because they creep me out.
It turns out not to be a big flea market fair. The fair itself did not spread out the entire factory place sadly and had only 3 lanes of stands plust the ones that were outside.
We did not leave Vlissingen Vlooit without tasting their food. You can eat Vietnamese springrolls. Or a hamburger, fries, carrot cake or ice cream. My friends treat themselves with carrot cake that appears to be a good one while I treat myself with homemade fries.
It`s Thursday today and I am not allowed to have refined sugar. A rule that I have made for myself and a commitment to a healthier lifestyle. I am proud at myself for resisting it but, lord, honestly. Inside I was crying because these carrot cakes literally just came fresh from the kitchen, placed in front of me looking awfully delicious and not forget to mention my friends really enjoyed these darn carrot cakes. Again #sodamnproud - it hurts.
No carrot cake for me but me has fries! I witnessed how the potatoes were sliced, dumped in oil, tossed, seasoned and eventually lands in this plastic tray. I sure love homemade food and the process of it. The fries were surely fresh with good potato flavor but unfortunately it was not crispy.
These happy beautiful looking ceramic bundt cake pan! The damage: €5. O yeah!


  1. I miss writing spontaneously as well! I've begun to notice that I usually bulk travel (usually when I'm on a break from school) and bulk cafe crawl, and then I write up all my posts and spread them out until my next trip. I don't have too much going on this summer, so maybe I will work on blogging more spontaneously! // Ooh flea markets are always fun; you never know what you'll find! You didn't spend very much money at all; excellent self-control! More than I can say for myself a lot of the time haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  2. I love the last photo!!
    I am looking forward to seeing your new sweets from them<3



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