A Turkish delight


When I was in Utrecht with K. and A. last month we wanted to leave early to arrive early in Utrecht because after all it was almost 2 hours driving from home up to Utrecht. Mainly because we wanted to explore Utrecht as full as possible because Utrecht is small but gorgeous Dutch city.

Arriving early in Utrecht means we got the chance to eat breakfast. We decided to go for an early Turkish meal and because our friend K. is Turkish we trusted her taste buds at a buffet restaurant Kebap Factory. Ok fine, and because we were starving from that 2 hours driving and the sound of buffet with visions in our mind filling the plates up to the ceiling may affect the breakfast place.

Vorige maand was ik samen met K. en A in Utrecht en we wilden perse extra vroeg vertrekken om extra vroeg aan te komen in Utrecht. Het is immers 2 uur rijden vanaf huis naar dit mooie centrale stadje van Nederland en we wilden natuurlijk een leuk en lang dagje uit van maken.

Eenmaal vroeg gearriveerd in Utrecht betekent ook dat we konden ontbijten in Utrecht. Deze missie is in ieder geval geslaagd. Het werd dus een Turks ontbijt. Aangezien onze vriendin K. van Turks afkomst is, vertrouwden we op haar smaakpillen bij een restaurant genaamd Kebap Factory. Ook het idee dat het een buffet ontbijt is met onbeperkt opscheppen, deed de beslissing nemen voor het restaurant keuze sneller. We waren namelijk uitgehongerd na die 2 uur rijden.

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voor Nederlandse

But first: buffet
Me, K. and A. decided to go for a Turkish breakfast buffet.
The interior is modern, spacious, neat looking and practical. Just nice.
For less than 9 bucks
To specific: €8,90 precisely which is to me quite a breakfast bargain.
Kids up to 5 years old even eat for free!
So this was my first round and frankly this was the only full round I went for. I thought I could handle 2 or 3 more rounds but I was full after this tray of food and my 2nd round only consist of 1 croissant and Turkish coffee with an Oreo dessert that I have shared with K. and A.
The food was well seasoned but cold mostly but that`s mainly because I picked salads (dur) and such. The boiled egg had a light gray edge around the yolk and was clearly overcooked (boo) and as for the bread, they were bone dry mostly.
That`s when the spreads came around to save the day because Kebap Factory does offers bread spreads. Like `tahini molasse which is basically sesame syrup and is it so delicious on bread!
Though my Turkish friend K. has had better tahini molasses before than this one.
Delicious savory rolled up filo pastry snack (savory) called `sıgara böreği`.

Round two: cafeïne
2 Turkish coffee, 1 latte macchiato and 1 Oreo dessert for 3 glutton-caffeine addict.
We want to start our day energetic with coffee. That`s a must. Unfortunately! The €8,90 buffet deal doesn`t include Turkish coffee or any kind of coffee except tea. The dessert section also is not part of the €8,90 deal but that`s ok that`s understandable but coffee? Come on! It`s always tea & coffee am I right?

Mighty sweet Oreo dessert which we all believe that we could replicate it at home with no doubt.
Address: Moskeeplein 88 3531 BX Utrecht - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: ••∙ 2,⁵/5
INTERIOR: •••• 4/5
SERVICE: ••2,⁵/5
PRICE: •••• 4/5


  1. Really quite odd about the coffee not being included but the price of the buffet is so ridiculously low!!

    Nat // Dignifiable

  2. This all looks great though, esp the desert!

    Hannah | Stories Of A Telescope

  3. I've never had turkish food, but that buffet looks really good!

  4. Yummmmyy! Everything looks so delicious.

  5. man, every single time i visit your blog, i end up commenting with a growling stomach and this ugly expression of almost-drool. yikes. i want to sneak into your luggage or something because your traveling adventures are just so envious! \(OAO)/

    i'm most interested in the breakfast because breeeeead and i love bread (more than rice - yes, even though i'm asian xD)

  6. Food only 2.5/5? :P Ah well, it's always good to spend time with friends :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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