Peachy beachy day


June was by far the hottest month of the year with temperatures such as 30°C and up. If you can withstand and enjoy the heat like I do, then the last couple of weeks were a bliss in Holland. And I took the most possible way out of it. Like going to one of the (cleanest) beach of Holland with your bestie. A couple of weeks back I was sunbathing and relaxing at the beach called 'The Veersedam'. 

Juni was echt wel de heetste maand tot nu toe van het jaar en omdat ik ook nog eens in `t zuiden woon, kwamen er temperaturen van 30°C plus met gemak voorbij. Op zich niet erg, want I love de hitte! En daar haalde ik zoveel mogelijk plezier uit. De een gaat BBQ'en en de ander naar `t strand met je beste vriendin. Net zoals ik. Een paar weken terug was ik dus te vinden op het strand `De Veersedam`. 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
Heavy relaxing material
While increasing our gun muscles carrying all of this: a huge beach umbrella, a cooler with food, 1 liter water, our beach bags filled with the inevitable such as towels, reading material, a paper bag with more food, my knit bag and what else? Oh and our technology devices of course.

Life is good
Me and A. did put on sunblock but when I came home my entire back was red and burned sadly.

Anyway lets move on to lunch.
Just a little picnic with:
Homemade pasta salad with quinoa, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, boiled eggs with selfmade honey mustard dressing (yum!). That`s the healthy part. The other not so healthy part is the Doritos and their newest flavor. I also brought chilled water with mint and lemon to wash down our food.
Cyan, red and a tan
With attempts of Victoria`s Secret meets Baywatch style #butfails.
❝No, it`s not, it`s cold.🙷
Me and A. both brought strawberries from home. The question is: who got the best strawberries? Me obviously (because hers had been frozen) and luckily A. agrees.

White dungarees: Primark // bikini: H&M // straw hat: from an Anime Exhibition (One Piece - Luffy`s hat)

Our cute (English speaking) beach hottie next to us.
Yum yum! Thank you A. for this delicious goat cheese & leek quiche pie! A little snack before heading back home.


  1. looked like you had a lot of fun! i have yet to visit the beach yet this summer, but hopefully that'll change soon <3

  2. It looks like so much fun !


  3. I do not deal well with the heat, but a day at the beach is definitely a good way to cope with it! I love that you don't need to wear too much at the beach, and you can always take a dip in the ocean to cool off! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. This looks like a really pleasant trip. Thanks for sharing! x

  5. This looks like a wonderful beachy day! I can't wait for my beach trip that is coming up soon :D


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