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Some time ago I went to have dinner with A. and K. I know these girls from my college time and it was nice to have this 'the three musketeers' quality time again. Just like college! Anyway. K. suggested a restaurant that was named 'De Berk'. I have never been here before but the location of where the restaurant is located at is gorgeous.

Except the food was not more than just average. To me, it felt like the food was just being pretty on the outside but just ok on the inside. Read the rest of my verdict just down below. 

Het is alweer een tijd geleden, maar ik ging uiteten met A. en K. Ik ken deze meiden al vanaf de goeie ouwe college tijd en het was daarom heel plezierig om weer bij elkaar te zijn. Als de drie musketiers. K. had aangeraden om bij De Berk te eten. Ik was razendbenieuwd naar dit restaurant, want de locatie zelf was erg mooi.

Het eten daarin tegen was eigenlijk middelmatig. Mhm jammer. Het was meer mooi aan de buitenkant zijn maar, de inhoud was niet meer dan ok. Lees er meer over hieronder.  

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
We Ordered
1 portion lobster croquettes
1 quinoa burger
2 pasta `vegetariano`
2 mint tea
1 cola
Lobsters & Girlfriends
We start our dinner off with beverages and! Lobster croquettes! I mean how often do you see croquettes made of lobster meat on a menu? Me zero times. It also was marked down as highly recommended by the chef so I was extra eager to try this batch of deep fried goodies out with my friends.
Comforting and scrumptious
The main &
A. and K. both took the veggie pasta while I chomped down a vegetarian burger.
I`ll just come clean and say: the burger was below average. The quinoa patty itself was not bad. The burger tower looks visually nice and attractive but it`s also hard to eat as whole. I had to deconstruct the tower and work my way through but then I stumbled to another problem: the bun. The bun choice is to me not the best choice as it became hard as brick after awhile! I wouldn`t do my jaw, teeth and my brace wire any favor so I had left 1,5 bun untouched.
What a shame.

(the fries were nice by the way)
Wooden boards are very nice but also a large space taker. Sigh. Luckily my girlfriends liked their pasta dish.
ADDRESS: Bemmelenberg 21, 4614 PG Bergen op Zoom - THE NETHERLANDS

Food: •• 2/5 (4 for the lobster croquettes)
Interior: •••• 4/5
Service: ••• 3/5
Price: ••• 3/5


  1. looks so good!!!


  2. Too bad the burger didn't taste very good - it does look nice! Oh well, sounds like a nice time with friends anyway.

  3. It's a pity you didn't have a better experience, but great that you got to reconnect with old friends :)

  4. I often need to deconstruct my burgers :P Sometimes I'll take off the top bun and then use a fork and knife to eat the burger like a cake haha -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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