My 4 vegan breakfast items


Ok, I'm not vegan (yet?). I'm semi-vegetarian and I only eat seafood. Congratulations if you know the more correct term (I'm a pescatarian!) but eating vegan food is something I can tolerate, appreciate and enjoy from time to time. Down below are my recent favorite vegan food for the breakfast table. Let's start with coffee, shall we?

Ok, ik ben (nog?) geen veganist. Ik ben semi-vegetariër die alleen nog vis en zeevruchten eet. Een pescotariër is het betere benaming, maar vegan food is iets wat ik ook waardeer, toelaat en zelfs geniet van tijd tot tijd. Hieronder heb ik mijn recente favoriete vegan food voor op de ontbijttafel omschreven. Zullen we maar beginnen met de koffie? 

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voor Nederlandse
Instant coffee
From Beanies.
Since Douwe Egbert coffee brand has stopped producing what used to be my favorite flavored instant coffee (hazelnut!) and was no more to be found in the Dutch supermarket - I was sad. I was sad for some time but then UK brand Beanies Flavour Coffee came into my life and not only do they have hazelnut flavored coffee but also other 11 flavored coffee! Non artifcial, no sugar added and only 2kcal per cup. These flavored coffees are pricier than other regular instant coffee and you can get around 25 cups per pot. Me personally I think 15 cups since I like my coffee strong. With cream & sugar of course.

Vegan butter
From Becel
This vegan butter contains 100% mixed veggie oil such as: palm, sunflower, almond and of course coconut. This butter is surprisingly very spreadable and smooth even when I plunge my knife into it when it just came out of the fridge. The butter goes great on toast and I haven`t tried it yet but I think it`s a great alternative for when I need to bake vegan in the kitchen too!
Vegan yogurt
From Jumbo.
I do my weekly grocery at supermarket Jumbo and I happily discovered their own vegan yogurt line! I picked the flavour `coconut` and it`s very refreshing and good! If you like coconut flavored food then you might go nuts for this yogurt.
Vegan cacao hazelnut spread
From Nocciolata.
Move over Nutella or not? Maybe, but this organic chocolate hazelnut spread contains zero dairy traces and is great for veganist or for those with lactose intolerance. Hurray! I bought this jar with discount because normally it`s pricier than Nutella. The taste difference with Nutella itself is very minimum I think as this vegan version is less creamy but also less sugary in my opinion.
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  1. Thanks for sharing these! I've been wondering about vegan breakfast items lately x

    Hannah | Stories Of A Telescope

  2. Mmm that Nutella substitute looks great! I'm a vegetarian, but I do eat a lot of vegan food as well :)

  3. All these vegan foods sound quite good! I am vegetarian, but I do think about being vegan sometimes. If only there were more vegan food options where I live :p

  4. I was in London and visited Sainsbury's for the first time! I saw the Beanies instant coffee and was intrigued, but didn't end up buying any; my mom and I bought a ton of tea instead! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's


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