My life in this trés Frenchy home


Summer 2017 started well for me because I packed my stuff and fled to France. With friends! And by car which was a long long car drive of 8 hours because we drove all the way from Holland to France which I need to applaud my friends a.k.a the drivers for and their amazing driving skills. I simply just don't have the confidence (yet) to drive 8 hours straight in an unknown land. Anyway we all arrived safe and sound in this small Frency town around called Ballan-Miré. #notparis.

And here's a little tour of our temporary home in France. 

Zomer 2017 begon best lekker want ik pakte mijn spullen in en vluchtte naar Frankrijk toe. Met vrienden uiteraard! En ook nog eens met de auto wat natuurlijk een ellenlange maar een mooi rit werd van 8 uurtjes. En daarom moet ik mijn chauffeurs a.k.a. mijn geweldige vrienden applaudisseren en hun rijkunsten. Ik en mijn minimale rijervaring hebben gewoon (nog) niet de ballen voor om in een wildvreemd land te rijden. We troffen Frankrijk heelhuids aan en we verbleven in een klein Frans dorpje genaamd Ballan-Miré. #notparis

Neem hieronder een kijkje in ons tijdelijk huisje in Frankrijk.

de cursor over de tekst
voor Nederlandse
This cozy country house/cottage in French style or horse stable which me and my friends beliefs that this house was used to be, is where we slept, eaten and swum during our week stay in France this summer! This house is located on top of the hills and it has a gorgeous view over the area. The house is also surrounded by large greens of grass, trees, wild flowers, horses and a donkey and of course a swimmingpool in the backyard!
If you ask me how do you relax in France? Well this is a good start if you ask me!
Bienvenue (bee-an-vah-noo)
And it means welcome in French!
The Upstairs
- Creaky old wooden staircase and floors with charisma.
- Antique furniture`s.
- A tv with DVD player that we never turned it on once.
- A bit muffy beddings but clean.
- Not enough hooks for clothes hanging.
- But most importantly it has WIFI!
The second floor which is a bed-, sit and workroom in one basically where me and A. did our sleeping.
Dusty? Quite yes. Homey? Absolutely!
The Downstairs
- A kitchen with pans, plates and devices for surviving. All stored in antique cabinet.
- A bathroom. Small but functional with clean towels and most importantly straight hot water from the shower/tap.
Here too I miss hooks to hang my stuff up. Hooks are LIFESAVERS guys!
- A separate toilet.
- Another sitting area that also leads to the backyard and swimming pool.
Once we arrived we basically filled the whole kitchen with our groceries and stock up that we did before ha.
I`ll admit this kitchen is quite lux! Not only has it got the basic essentials like a fridge and a kettle but also it has an oven and a dishwasher, wowie!
The bad news is that the dishwasher broke down. The good news is, it got replaced straight away the next day with a new dishwasher! Go landlord!


  1. Looks so pretty and relaxing there! Glad you managed to go with friends.

    Nat // Dignifiable

  2. Do you have any video of that? I'd want to find out some additional information.

    1. I have no video but this is the website:
      good luck!

  3. This looks so relaxing! What a great landlord! I don't use dishwashers to wash my dishes, but I do use them as a drying rack after I've washed my dishes; I don't understand how dishwashers work so I don't trust them hehh -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

  4. I like the vibe of that house, I hope you enjoyed yourself :D

  5. That stone floor is beautiful! The house is so cute and cozy looking too. Looks like you and your friends had such a good time there!

    I love your style of vlogging btw! Especially adding some of the background noises and talking. It makes it a very journalistic style, I think! That starry ceiling is gorgeous, I want something like that at home *o*

    Becky @ star violet

  6. Wow, this looks like such a lovely place to stay! I could imagine myself just lying by the pool for hours with a good book, it all looks so idyllic :)

  7. What a cute little home! I'd love to get away for the summer... or what's left of it

  8. It looks like such a nice place to chill out! Love the idea of an epic road trip as well, haha.


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