Peek Into My Life 79

My Summer started a bit like this
With food, friends and festival. My favorite F`s!
The first festival of the year was with colleagues from work near my hometown. It was really wonderful hang out together!

So the next festival was this Asian themed food festival. Als near my hometown.
My food:
1 Okonomiyaki (€4) // 1 shaved ice w/ avocado and coffee (€3)
@Osaka Cooking @Cocomo FoodnDrinks
Perhaps a bit overpriced okonomiyaki but it was not a bad one actually! The only thing that was missing were the bonito fish flakes on top.
After my okonomiyaki, I went to this Indonesian tent and tried out this avocado treat with shaved ice, coffee and chia seeds! It was something I have never tried out before but it was pretty nice and refreshing actually and not to mention super healthy too.

Papa`s Day
I`ve spoiled my old man with black sesame cake.
One of these two plants died. Guess which one.
Am not sure if I have told you but my car has broke down for some time. I`ve been cruising on my bike ever since.

Meeting up with Jessy
One awesome catch up with one of my best blogger friends out there at a lovely Dutch city called `Breda`!
Here where we both got lured into this soap & spa shop thanks to the lovely aromatic scent of Libanon. And no me and Jessy did not left the shop empty handed either.
No meeting up without food obviously. Here we shared a prawn croquettes on toast and another toast with smoked mackerel! Both were super delicious dishes.

Other dates
At a cat café (with friends)// at a boat pub (with a Tinder date)

French styled grilled cheese (yum!) // matcha latte (not good, lacks matcha) // vegan pie (not bad)

Celebration at work
With a bit of goodbye.
I work as a teacher and as a teacher, I always end every school year with a little gift to my pupils. For the girls I had sweet earrings as for the boys sweet keychain puzzels.
And sometimes I receive something back too, such adorbs.
Making a dress. Sorta. Anyway, to be continued!

I was in France!
More of my trip in France coming soon!

Not made in France, but!
These French macaroons were not bad and it could perhaps be a bit more crispy on the outside but, man huuuuge respect for the one-man service! It was hella busy at the shop and this man was doing everything by himself and he keept his head cool and professional under this imaginable stress. Thumbs up!
@Scoops Frozen Yogurt & Ice Cream 
Flavors: mint // cheesecake // banana // champagne // raspberry // black cherry pie

My Phone Snippets
Another Tinder date // crafting with kids // my newest cd haul // attempt piano play // cotton candy // Château Villandry
Another Ed Sheeran to my cd collection `Multiply Deluxe` and I love it!


  1. Asian food festival?? <3 <3 I've never tried a combination of shaved ice, coffee, avocados, and chia seeds before! Glad to hear you enjoyed it :) // Ooh your black sesame cake looks delicious // Are you getting your car fixed? :o Meanwhile, at least you're getting exercise from biking! // Aww your such a sweet teacher! I remember that when I was in elementary school and middle school, I always gave presents to my teachers, but I stopped doing it in high school :o -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. My old car is dragged to a car cemetery and soon to be demolished too ha... instead I got a new second hand car! More of this soon :D

  2. You seem to be having such a fun summer break! Shame about the macarons; but I am so sure that you could make better with your amazing baking skills!

    Have you decided on a new car yet?

    nat // dignifiable

    1. You're too kind you're too kind Natalie ^__^
      And yesss I recently have got a new car! More of this soon :D

  3. I love those tiny shops that you wander in and out of - I wish we had more of that in Texas

    1. I know, I love tiny shops too and to support the local owners too!
      I hope you are doing well with all the heavy storm Texas having recently :o
      Stay safe and sound!! X


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