Château de Villandry


For my little trip to France last Summer, I made a little to-go list of places of want to see in France/Tours area. Which is what I usually do with every trips and vacation. I tend to try to make a small to-go list because I don't want to over-organize my trip that might leads to disappointment or frustration so instead I want to balance it out with a bit of 'go with the flow' kind of way. Lets see what kind of good surprises me and friends find in France right!

But one of the thing that I reaaaally was on to-go list was to see a beautiful château (means castle in French). In total we've visited two châteaus and one of them is called Château de Villandry. Read all about it below here! 

Voor mijn trip naar Frankrijk deze zomer heb ik een to-go lijst gemaakt van plekken die ik graag wil zien in het gebied Frankrijk/Tours. Niet zo heel gek want ik doe dit bij alle trips. Wel probeer ik de lijst beperkt te houden en niet te afhankelijk van te zijn want 1. dat kan leiden tot teleurstelling en 2. frustratie. Het is tenslotte vakantie en daarmee is het soms ook fijn om gewoon onbevangen je dag door te brengen en zo nu en dan verrast te worden wat op je pad tegenkomt!

Maar een ding op mijn to-go lijst was wel zeker, namelijk dat ik moet en zal een château (betekent kasteel) betreden. In totaal heb ik dan ook twee mooie chêteaus bezocht en een daarvan is Château de Villandry. Lees en zie het allemaal hieronder!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
I tried to bargain my way in by showing my `legally` studentcard. The ticket lady refused to give me student discount. Not that I was caught -cough- but apparently the age for being a students in France stops at age 26 (I`m 27). So that was a losing case anyway but anyways, worth to try.
My favorite rooms
As expected everything was perfectly set up, pretty much dustfree and polished! Lots of lovely art work and portraits of previous owners hanging around the walls as well and I really enjoyed the following rooms: the kitchen, the dining room and the bedroom.
You don`t see it well in the picture sadly but these glassware has a beautiful `oily` sheen on it and it is just too gorgeous to drink from.
This wooden flour is love!
This château has many bedrooms but this happen to be my most favorite. It`s less dramatic decorated than the other grand bedrooms and maybe because this is also a children`s bedroom. I also love this desk detail with actual homework stored
I'm in awe of this ceiling! (The Oriental Drawing Room)
An Alice in Wonderland garden
Just like the château and the rooms inside, the garden is also very pretty set up, well trimmed, very squary organised and just gorgeous.
Couple goal
Eagles point of view
Climb the Keep onto the rooftop and take a breath and enjoy!
Conclusion: Château de Villandry is like a little village on it`s own.
On our way out, the château also has this cute gardenershop with overpriced items.
After the château visiting it was time for lunch! We went to a cozy small Frenchy town called `Langeais` where we entered our way in via this cool bridge!
'Pont de Langeais'

I have forgotten the name of the restaurant where we had lunch but everyone took the vegetarian dish except one meatlover amongst us who enjoyed his dish with rabbit leg or was it duck? Anyways it was a good lunch deal followed with a nice slice of lemon meringue pie!


  1. So grand! Can you imagine LIVING in a place like that?? <33 // haha good try with your student card! // I get what you mean about not going overboard with your to-do list; I learnt my lesson this summer! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Haha yeah! It's perhaps a bit too big for me but wowie it does make me feel like a royalty living in this place! :P

  2. Shame that you couldn't get the student discount (although I think having it up to 26 is quite old!). Food looks super delicious. Hope your next semester for teaching goes well!

    nat // dignifiable

    1. It's a shame of not getting that discount unfortunate but I don't think you should have a limited age for studying and learning anyways :P and thank you! My teaching job is doing well ^__^ I hope you are having a much more healthier working vibe too!

  3. It's so pretty! I love that bedroom too, I like how the bed is in a little nook.

    1. I know right! Super cozy :D and great for making a little 'blanket fort' too haha.

  4. I'm exactly like you when it comes to travelling! Rather than making an itinerary, I prefer to write a hit list of places I want to visit with room to be spontaneous :) This chateau looks amazing by the way, so detailed and full of history!

    1. Wooo go us :P and this château is gooorge! I love it!


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