Happy times happened during the summer because my smarty pants Jessy got graduated from uni and I'm mega proud of my girl! This asks for a celebration & quality time meet up! And the place we chose to do it was in Breda, one of my beloved Dutch cities.

Here we had lunch, tea time and dinner (more of that coming soon) because that's usually how we spend our time together. For tea time we have discovered a pretty cool place called 'In Kannen en Kruiken' which literally means 'In Jugs & Jars'. Come and scroll down and discover IKEK along with me down below! 

Blije momenten werden in de afgelopen zomer gevierd want mijn knappe vriendin Jessy is geslaagd voor haar uni en ik ben mega trots! Dit moest gevierd worden en dus hebben ik en Jessy een datumprikker gedaan en al gauw hebben we een keuze gemaakt voor de plaats van ontmoeting: in een van mijn geliefde stad van Nederland Breda.

In Breda hebben we heerlijk geluncht, high tea gedaan en tot slot diner (meer hierover binnenkort). Voor nu ga ik het hebben over de high tea en deze hebben we gedaan bij 'In Kannen en Kruiken' en deze plek staat officieel in mijn favoriete to-go lijstje! Scroll gauw naar beneden toe en ontdek IKEK! 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
We Ordered:
1 beer
1 affogato coffee
1 cheesecake
1 orange tart  
( Did you know that IKEK bakes either gluten-, lactose or sugar free cakes and pies? And most of the ingredients are also organic! Bonus! )
Jessy and beer = a bit tipsy Jessy, haha cheers to our almost 3 years blogging friendship!

I was quite excited about this slice as you don`t see many orange tarts or cakes on menus in cafés. This orange tart is also a healthy one as it is made of almond, tumeric and pomegranate and the colors and the presentation of this slice looks really good to the eye as well! I can`t wait to dig in! As expected the tart happily tasted like orange but it was also dry unfortunate.
Bummer! Overall it was ok and I liked the idea of healthy baked sweet options.

Our second sweet choice was this cheesecake and it`s made with cream cheese, coconut sugar and fresh raspberries. Yum that sounds like music to my ears! Again, like the orange tart this cheesecake looks pretty good to the eye and I took a bite. Since this cheesecake is supposedly a healthy cheesecake, the texture and taste is a bit different than the regular `naughty` ones. It`s less fatty, creamy and sweet yet this cheesecake is still smooth and has a good ratio in sweet & tard taste and I love the raspberry init!
Inside IKEK
Too be honest, if I live permanently in Dutch city Breda, I think IKEK (In Kannen en Kruiken) would be my weekend go-to lunch place because IKEK has a (city)indoor garden! Which was by the way the first thing that made me cross over the entrance of IKEK, dragging Jessy alongside with me because I just love the idea of having a cup of coffee in greenery yet at the same time in the city as well. Also love the vintage meets industrial interior touch inside.
ADDRESS: Veemarktstraat 45 4811 ZD Breda - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: ••• 3/5
INTERIOR: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
SERVICE: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
PRICE: ••• 3/5


  1. It's so cool how you guys can bond over blogging :) This place looks amazing, by the way! I've never heard of having beer with cake but it sounds worth trying :p

    1. I know ^_^ it's amazing that you can bump into amazing people through blogging and especially having and sharing the same interests! And now that you mentioned, beer & cake is pretty quirky combo but it worked out! Xx

  2. This is a cute little place. I love how your treats were served on that wooden tray!

    1. I know right! I am a big fan of wooden trays and plates, it really does lift the presentation up!

  3. Oh how sweet you guys met through blogging! The idea of having cheesecake with beer sounds bizzare for me who don't drink beer :P Anyway, cute place tho!

    1. I'm not a beer person but I haven't really tried out many beers anyway. People say I should
      try out those homemade artisan beer! Xx

  4. I also love finding greenery in the middle of the city! Brick walls and hanging plants always call me even from far away, hahahaha. The place looks real lovely and love the pop of color like in the wall and chairs. ��

    xo, Lou | Caffeine Rush

  5. This place looks so cute! The food looks amazing.

  6. Yay for blogging friendships! // Ooh I really wan to try the raspberry cheesecake :3

    1. Blogging friendship for the win :D and same, I can have cheesecake really if my belly allows too haha... Xx


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