My attractions in rainy France


Going on holiday is one thing but hoping for great happy weather is another. Last Summer when I was in France we had rain almost everyday, unfortunate. It didn't rain all day long luckily and me and my friends did absorbed some sun rays every now and then leaving some tan on our skin. Yay! That's when we enjoy going outside and explore the area!

But when it is raining well it's too bad but that doesn't stop us and we still went outside and explore because there's a saying that goes: "there's no such thing as bad weather. Only bad clothing".

Check out what me and my friends did on our rainy day in France here below.    

Op vakantie gaan is een ding. Hopen voor een zalig warm weer is het volgende. Vorig zomer was ik samen met vrienden naar Frankrijk gegaan en helaas we hadden bijna iedere dag regen gehad. Het regende gelukkig niet aan een stuk door en wij hadden gelukkig ook wat vitamine D kunnen opvangen met als resultaat een kleurtje op onze huid! Dan is buiten zijn gewoon heerlijk!

Maar wanneer 't regent is het jammer, maar dan nog gaan we naar buiten, want er luidt niets voor niets 't gezegde: "slecht weer bestaat niet, alleen slechte kleding".

Hieronder lees je over wat we gedaan hebben op een van onze regenachtige dagen in Frankrijk.

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Musée Maurice Dufresne
When you rather stay dry on a rainy day and you happend to like history, art, dusty old things and don`t mind to learn a bit here and there then museum trips is a great time to spend your rainy day with. Me and my friends went to a museum called `Musée Maurice Dufresne` and it`s a museum with a huge collection of vehicle, machinery and other antiques. Honestly not my kind of museum I`d go to since I`m more an art museum person but this museum was still interesting and amusing!
This vintage fair candy stand is pretty! Probably my favorite piece of this whole museum.
I was also impressed by the area outside around the museum. So green and nice!

Basketland Theme Park
Ok just kidding it is not really a theme park but a town called: Villaines-les-Rochers and has around 1000 residents.

Small and very countryside yet super peaceful as well and there`s more to this little town! Villaines-les-Rochers is locally famous for their traditional handmade baskets and weaving which drawn my attention to: I want to score an awesome new basket/bag!

TIP: don`t go on a Sunday (like we did) because most of the shops were closed.
I don`t have problems with ants but this one is just terrifying!
Impressive? Yes. Expensive? YES. And I get it is handmade and all such and I love supporting local artisan but even the smallest bread basket was around €40! Sigh, too bad and disappointing because I was hoping to find a nice basket/bag.
Town decor
In lovely basket theme of course!
Back at our old French house where A. made delicious pasta dish for dinner and where this old French house showed it`s shortcoming: leakage!


  1. I love your photo travel posts! :) Thank you so much for sharing!

    1. Thank you ^__^ Glad you've enjoyed! I hope you're doing well dear c: Xx

  2. The baskets are so friggin cute! Such a shame it is so expensive. It is annoying when you want to give something back to the local community and then realise it is far too expensive to do that. Maybe when you win the lottery!!

    nat // dignifiable

    1. I know right! It was very contradictory as I want to support the locals yet I need to be careful in not spending to much :(

  3. Haha, what a great saying for the bad weather! It's definitely a lot less miserable when you have weather appropriate clothing :))

    Ouch yeah, the baskets are expensive! Still very cute though. We'll get filthy rich off blogging and buy all the cute things our heart desires~

    becky @ star violet

    1. Haha yeah, or if we win the frinkin' lottery :')

  4. I quite like looking at antique things so I think I would've enjoyed the first museum! Basketland looks a bit bizarre though haha.

    1. Oh then you would definitely enjoy this museum ^_^ and Basketland was pretty intriguing :P

  5. Indoor Activities would be the choice on any raining days..basketland is an interesting place to visit.

    1. Indoor activities are great choice indeed for rainy days! I would recon seeing Basketland on a sunny day though :P

  6. Museums are perfect for rainy weather! // hehe basket bags are so trendy right now! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Yushhh I'm trying to follow this basket bag trend but it is not working out so far :c !!

  7. Wow, these look like such quirky yet fascinating places to visit (especially the basket one)! That pasta dinner looks amazing, by the way :)

    1. Basketland was quite nice even on a rainy day yes ^_^ and thank you! My friend will be happy to hear about the pasta she made :P


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