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I know this is a suuuuper delayed blogpost about me in Hong Kong of more than a year ago! Very sorry for that but this blogpost contains lots of fond memories because I was dancing with my family! This is something I don't say a lot which makes it extra special. My aunt joined this dance class at this dance school for elderly and there was an orientation day. Hence my aunt took us to this orientation day. You can check it all down below! Of course I wouldn't be in Hong Kong without a good batch of #foodporn pictures and hotspots so please check that all out down below! 

Dit is een ontzettend vertraagde blogpost over mijn vakantie in Hong Kong die meer dan een jaar geleden is. Mijn excuus hiervoor. Deze blogpost bevat  heb fijne herinneringen aan mijn tijd in HK want ik heb namelijk gedanst met mijn familie! Iets dat ik niet vaak zeg en dat maakt het extra mooi. Mijn tante zit op een speciale dansschool voor ouderen en er was open dag! Ze nam ons dus daarom mee op verkenning. Lees en zie het allemaal hieronder! Natuurlijk bevat er verder voldoende #foodporn want ik was tenslotte in Hong Kong en dat betekent lekker eten en hotspots verkennen! Ook dit lees je het hieronder! 

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Yee Shun Milk Company - Yau Ma Tei - Hong Kong
🎔🎔🎔🎔🎔 4/5
So before we head out to orientation day of my aunts dance school me, my cousin and aunts decided to take a little traditional Hong Kong snack first at Yee Shun Milk Company. You know just to get all energized up for our upcoming dance workshops which we are definitely taking! Yee Shun Milk Company is a typical `cha chaan teng/茶餐廳` restaurant mainly serving steamed milk pudding in Hong Kong style. According to Google Maps it has 3 chains in total which is pretty cool. Cha chaan teng are definitely my top favorite kind of restaurant in HK and of course I have to try out Yee Shun Milk Company.

But what is this steamed milk pudding actually? Well! It`s a pudding made out of milk, egg white and sugar and you can eat it either cold or hot. The texture I find is similar to `tofu fa/豆腐花/tofu custard`. There are also flavored ones such as in chocolate, red bean and coffee which is the one I took! My aunts took the original one and poured in with some sweet ginger juice which is super good as well!

Since Yee Shun Milk Company is a cha chaan teng restaurant it also serves other dishes like sandwiches and noodles.
An extra teaspoon or two of instant coffee added to it would have been nice too because obvious I like my coffee strong but this steamed milk pudding in coffee flavor was still super yummy! And it only cost HKD25 ($3,2)!
This place is sadly not very lactosefree friendly but despite that it still gets my likings!

Shake your pom pom time!
Well ok not really because the orientation day of my aunts dance school is based on traditional Asian dances for people above 50 and elders mainly. My aunt recently joined this senior dance class at this dance school and she loved it! Hence the reason she took us to this orientation day. Even though most of the given dance workshops were targeted for the somewhat elderly it was still challenging because I have never done any of these traditional dances before. I also remember that it did made me sweat at the end and kind of felt of an true work out as well!

Seeing these dance pictures of my family again makes me miss my family in HK terribly.

And yes me and my cousin were basically the youngest people here ha...
Then there was also demonstrations of others dancers which looked lovely and I applaud.

After dancing we cooled off with a well deserved ice cream!
Teawood - Mong Kok - Hong Kong
🎔🎔🎔🎔🎔 4/5
Dinner at chain restaurant Teawood! I was super excited for this and was looking forward to eating here because they are famous for their dish: honey toast which we definitely ordered. We also ordered:
string bean side dish // creamy squid ink pasta with mushroom // noodle soup with pork // strawberry honey toast


Guys! Look how adorable this spade/spoon is!!
Then it was time.

As expected this toast galore was tasty but it was more that the look of it blew me away rather than the taste itself. Because honestly it is mainly just toast stacked up decorated with cream, strawberries and other delicious food props to make it extravagant. Overall me and my family enjoyed it as with the rest of the dishes at Teawood.
My cousin carefully deconstruct it to avoid me going crazy and literally dig in with my spade-spoon.
Then we end our day with a photo session in a purikura photobooth.


  1. Brought down the age of the class!! Looks like a lot of fun and all the food looks so delicious (mmm that toast)

    Nat ◇ dignifiable

    1. Haha I know right :P and am missing HK food loooads! :c Xx

  2. aww that dance class :') It seems like a very wholesome experience, both calming and exciting! I remember I took dance classes with my mom and a friend and her mom before, because my friend and I were preparing for our dance unit in PE haha. // You're right, a trip to HK isn't complete without food! Love the spade spoon :) -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Haha :P then you know how I felt when I was dancing with my own folks! I know right, loveeee that spade-spoon! It's so cute! Xx

  3. Joining in your aunts class sounds like such a fun and memorable experience!

    1. It was it was ^_^ such fond and happy memories of it! Xx

  4. Yummy post!

    my new blog...


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