My recent favorite food // 3

These favorite munchies of mine

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voor Nederlandse
EDO Hello Kitty biscuits
In strawberry flavour. I bought these adorable HK cookies in Hong Kong last year and they were really a great treat for my kids at work too! There are 16 individual packets inside which is very handy. These HK biscuits are also very similar to my other childhood biscuits `Koala’s March Chocolate Cream Biscuits` from the brand Lotte.
For men? Wow how discriminating no? Yet me being a woman that didn`t stop me because I ate the whole thing by myself ha. The chocolate has a tad darker taste than the original Pocky which is quite nice. This is also bought in Hong Kong.
Yakso organic black rice noodles
These noodles were on sale at my local organic shop and so I chuck a pack into my shopping cart. Even though they were still pricier than the normal rice noodles I usually get but hey, these are organic + it`s black rice which means extra fiber to the body. All win-win right?
Anyway I like to turn them into noodle soups on lazy days and the noodles taste nuttier and yum!

This brand also comes in the normal white rice noodle version. Of course organic as well.
De Guijt // Spelt Cinnamon Biscuits
Also bought in the same organic shop like the rice noodles from above, I bought these biscuits because I can`t help myself. But these biscuits are not just biscuits because these are made by people with a disability of hearing impaired or visually impaired. The biscuits are organic and claims to be homemade and you can really taste the homemade-ness because there are no additives added to it. Awesome company!
Flying Tiger Tarallini
I love knick-knack shop Flying Tiger that is a Danish brand and I love love their food section. Here I bought these tarallini snacks in the flavor garlic & chili which are by the way Italian styled rolled up breadstick. I love garlic & chili and this one was a tasty one. There`s also another flavour available if I remembered correctly.
Cooke`s Chip Strips // bacon
I found these at a French supermarket last Summer and o boy I was excited about these chips! Chips in the form of strips which I have not seen in my life before. They were 1 buck per packet which is quite pricey but better having it experienced it than regretting it later on for not buying them. And so I bought two packets at the end ha. And I have no regrets because these chips were super crunchy and delicious
Yes it is `bacon` flavoured and yes it is suitable for veggie folks. Hurray!
Tony`s Chocolonely // orange & rosemary
And lastly but not least a chocolate bar by one of my favorite brand Tony`s Chocolonely in the odd flavor combination orange + rosemary which I end up loving it very much! I like Tony`s Chocolonely because of their vision and mission in creating fair labor of cacao production with no (child) slavery being involved in their chocolate makings.
Also I love how broad their flavours and flavours combos are. I once had their `cola` flavoured onces before!


  1. Koala biscuits were my childhood! // haha I've seen the Men's Pocky too #rude. I love dark chocolate! // Ooh spelt cinnamon biscuits sound soooo good // Orange rosemary chocolate sounds so fancy! Tony's has such unique flavours! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Wooohoo go childhood goods! And yes lovelove Tony's chocolate c: Xx

  2. So many tasty snacks! But pocky for men, does it come with more epocky? Lol

    Hope you have been well!!

    Nat ◇ dignifiable

    1. I know right haha these Men Pocky's are ridiculous yet hilarious and of course delicious as well :')
      I've been very well thanks, I hope you are too!

  3. It's hilarious that there's pocky for men! Maybe men don't feel manly enough when they buy proper pocky haha.

    1. Haha, maybe maybe :') but food should not be gender divided I think, it's kind of silly Xx

  4. Replies
    1. Haha, thank you c: they were all very delicious! Xx


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