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The Pasta Canteen as the Dutch name refers to De Pasta Kantine. It's an affordable Italian chain restaurant in Holland that me and Jessy went for dinner as first timers. As I was digging for background info (like a professional blogger would do) on their website, the restaurant aims for coziness, low-threshold and no-nonsense which I have definitely tasted there.

After Vapiano which is also an affordable Italian chain restaurant I wasn't too impressed by it anymore. It's a bummer because I used to like eating at Vapiano. Vapiano is still fairly cheap but the food has become so salty and the flavour has just become monotonous. I was very keen to try out De Pasta Kantine but mostly I was hungry and pasta is always a good thing am I right?

Een tijd geleden gegeten samen met Jessy bij Italiaans restaurantketen De Pasta Kantine. Volgens de website staat gezelligheid, laagdrempelig zijn en no-nonsens voorop en deze had ik zeker geproefd in de eerste keren bij De Pasta Kantine. Fijn! 

Voorheen zou ik naar Vapiano zijn gegaan wat ook een Italiaans restaurantketen is, maar Vapiano is voor mij helaas #notdone. Ondanks de nog steeds betaalbare maaltijden, lijkt het zoutgebruik hoger en meer te zijn elke keer dat ik bij Vapiano kwam eten. De smaken maken hierdoor eentonig en dat is jammer want ik kwam graag bij Vapiano eten. Maar goed De Pasta Kantine is daarentegen een fijne vervanging. Sowieso is pasta een favoriete comfortfood voor velen nietwaar?  


de cursor over de tekst
voor Nederlandse

De Pasta Kantine

1 bitter lemon
1 ice tea green
1 ginger ale
1 lasagne con zucchini (vegetarian lasagne)
1 linguine alle cuori (linguine pasta with mussels)
1 tiramisu

Judging by the clothes people were wearing here you can tell it was Summer time. Oh long live the blogging delay.
Never a boring time with my girl Jessy.
liguine with mussels

So Jessy took the pasta with mussels cooked in beer. Because we are supporters of sharing = caring vision so I got a taste of this delicious looking pasta dish too and it was truly delish! The subtle beer taste makes it special and the amount of mussels is generous. The majority of the people around our table also ordered this dish and that pretty much says how well this dish is.
Surprisingly I can`t find it anymore on their menu? Lets just hope it`s a seasonal dish.
vegetarian lasagne

I too almost took the pasta with mussels but I restrained and took something else. Another dish that I wanted to try out was their vegetarian lasagne. I haven`t had lasagne in such a long time so I was pretty much craving for a good layered past dish. The lasagna was filled well (with layers of fried eggplant, homemade tomato sauce, mozzarella and Grana Padano cheese) and was not too salty either. I did sprinkled some table pepper on top because I just like to heat things up.

Eventually dessert which me and Jessy shared a classical tiramisu together.
It was a nice tiramisu but for me personally it could used a bit more coffee & liquor in it.
Meanwhile me and Jessy were wondering about the shoes hanging in the tree.
By the way, we ate our tiramisu inside because we got cold and the chills when we were outside. This table switching was not a problem at all as one of our young service led us to a new table inside. Happy that it was not a big deal at all, woo!
ADDRESS: Veemarktstraat 45 4811 ZD Breda - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: •••∙ 3,⁵/5
INTERIOR: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
SERVICE: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
PRICE: ••• 3/5


  1. Pasta is my go-to when I can't think of something to make for dinner, but I don't make my pasta like nice Italian pasta! The linguine with mussels looks so good! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I like to make pasta and such at home but it always seems to taste different than the Italian outside, theirs are somehow always nicer? Sigh anyway xx

  2. Lovely photos ! :)


  3. Loving the pictures and the food look really yummy :)


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