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What are my hobbies? If you can guess it by just checking out my blog or other social media platform it is usually actions involvement with food, (lots of) photography, a wanderluster and basically being a crafty person. The other thing is reading a book.

When I was younger and a much bigger bookworm in a world with minor internet and social media, I spend my time crafting stuff or: reading a book. And of course watching TV because afterall I was a kid yet I can still easily finish a book within a day.

Nowadays not so much thanks to many reason like work, social media and I guess laziness #honesty. With a current book I've spending a month or 3 with it which is so bizar!
It seems I have lesser time for my books and that's quite saddening.

But with todays Internet and technology there's also a good alternative for book reading and story times: podcast and audiobooks! After discovering Storytel, an online app with audiobooks & e-books, I think it's a pretty good alternative for good quality story time! And besides, it is also a great training tool in improving my English!

Wat zijn mijn hobby's? Als je mag raden door willekeurig te kijken naar mijn blog of ander social media platform dan zijn het vaak dingen met eten, fotografie, een reiziger maar voornamelijk een creabea persoon. Tot slot is mijn andere hobby lezen.

De jongere ik was een boekwurm. Een boekenwurm in een wereld met weinig internet en social media waar haar tijd vooral besteedt werd aan knutselen en boek lezen. En vooruit natuurlijk ook tv-kijken net als alle andere normale kinderen. Daarnaast kon ik nog wel met gemak een boek binnen een dag verslinden. 

Nu gaat dat helaas niet meer dankzij m'n werk, sociale media en toegegeven ook beetje luiheid #eerlijkzijn. Momenteel doe ik een boek over waar ik bijna 3 maanden mee bezig ben! Gek is dat hè? Het lijkt erop dat ik minder tijd maak voor een goed boek en dat is best jammer.

Gelukkig is er ook een lichtpuntje in deze tijd van het internet met goeie alternatieven voor boeken en verhalen: podcast en luisterboeken! Nadat ik Storytel heb ontdekt, een app voor luisterboeken vind ik het eigenlijk niet verkeerd om naar een boek te luisteren in plaats van te lezen. Daarnaast train ik ook mijn Engelse taal, top!

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Doing yarn works and a story time together? No problemo! I think this combination becomes my ultimate de-stressing me-timer!
This is Storytel
Storytel is created in Sweden in 2005 and has been offering over 60k audiobooks online ever since inside and outside Sweden and has reached to countries like my country The Netherlands too. The audiobooks are spoken in Dutch and! English as well! YES! I was firstly méh about this Storytel audiobook app thinking there would be only Dutch spoken books available and don`t get me wrong, I love Dutch books too but I`m a bigger lover of English books. What a happy sigh I let out when I found out the huge amount of English spoken books at Storytel! My digital bookshelf at Storytel is stocked up pretty well I can tell!

- the ease of having audiobooks in your pocket. No more heavy books!
- offline listening by downloading
- adding bookmark + and notes aside
- the ability of gifting a giftcard/books to someone 🎁
- the speed mode function
- possible in e-book version!
My English audiobooks of December
And I`m stoked!
PAX // by: Sara Pennypacker //
read by: Micheal Curran-Dorsano
I first came across this book at my local bookstore and the first thing that caught my attention was of course the cute bookcover. And with cute bookcovers chances in picking up the book + reading it has increased by like 99,9% and so I did with PAX, written by S. Pennypacker and soon after that I just want to finish the story. It is so good and touching! Unfortunately I still have other books that needs to finish first and so PAX was on hold but definitely bookmarked. Thanks to Storytel I have this book in my possession and pretty much finished it!

A little sum up
Pax is a name of a fox, a tamed fox that has been rescued since day one by his `boy` called Peter who has been taking care of his best friend Pax ever since. But when Peters father tells Peter to set Pax free in the wild, and obeyed soon Peter regrets it. Peter went back trying to bring Pax home again and along the way he stumbles upon on adventures.
The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck // by: Mark Manson //
read by: Roger Wayne
This has got to be my first self-guide book ever as far as I can remember and I`m glad it`s a brilliant one. Firstly it`s funny as heck. I`m glad it`s not like, monotone or very heavy styled educative way written but pretty much the opposite. It`s very easy to understand and so far I have read up to chapter 6. Everything is pretty recognizable as well. As the title stated, it`s a self-guide book about having a positive life by learning in dealing with setbacks.
Like for example try not being s(f)ucked up by the `perfect` life pictures/posts of others at social media and dwell on it. Again it`s a self-guide book written in a humoristic way yet scientifically substantiated arguments in it and I love it!

Me I think I`m already quite a positive and happy person with a good shield of my own against the bad juju from outside but after reading this, it was still refreshing and a great reminder again of gaining and processing a healthy positive life.

Some favorite quotes of mine:
• Pain is an inextricable thread in the fabric of life, and to tear it out is not only impossible, but destructive: attempting to tear it out unravels everything else with it. To try to avoid pain is to give too many f*cks about pain. In contrast, if you’re able to not give a fuck about the pain, you become unstoppable.

• This is the most simple and basic component of life: our struggles determine our successes.

• negative emotions are a call to action. When you feel them, it’s because you’re supposed to do something. Positive emotions, on the other hand, are rewards for taking the proper action. When you feel them, life seems simple and there is nothing else to do but enjoy it.
Alices Adventures in Wonderland // by: Lewis Carroll //
read by: Sheridan Smith
My 3rd audiobook from Storytel is a classic one and one of my favorite childhood books as well: Alice in Wonderland. Since I`m an elementary teacher I often read children books to my kids and Alice in Wonderland is by no doubt a perfect fit.

Extra nice of this audiobook is that it is also available in e-book!
Awesome and because of that I can easily show this on my digital board in my classroom as well.
Bookmarked ✔
Here are my audiobooks that I am looking forward to!
one buck a month!
The holidays are coming and to me that automatically means a time where I can relax more and to grab a book and read it or in this case an audiobook to listen to! I am currently filling up my digital bookshelf with all the books that I want to read or listen to. Are you planning to do the same thing? Well you can! I have teamed up with Storytel and came up with a generous offer with a try-out month for just €0,99 (instead €9,99!). Click on the link below to seek your chance and to fill up (and download) your digital bookshelf!
» Storytel Holiday Deal


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