My 3 Favorite Leon

Utrecht - The Netherlands

Leon is an UK fastfood chain and brand and after discovering it in the UK 2015 it became my favorite healthy fastfood chain. And it`s finally in the Netherlands - Utrecht! Woo! Happy me! One of the mission of Leon is `Why can`t fast food be good food? At Leon, we believe that food should taste good and do you good´ and I couldn`t agree more. Fastfood can be good yet healthy as well which is why I love Leon so so much. The kitchen is Mediterranean inspired and therefore the food is rich and full of flavors.

Apart laying the focus on healthy food Leon is also a supporter for better environment and sourcing. How can you not love Leon right! Here I took my favorite which is the sweet potato & falafel box. Mhmm, yum!

Lotta Lindgren (born 1994), known by her stage name Léon is a Swedish singer songwriter and became my most played artist in my Spotify player lately. Her music genre is mainly indie-pop and quite upbeat as well which totally fits my alley. She`s still in her early 20`s but her songs are quite mature and it`s mostly about love and breakups and I can`t help but feel her music and words so deeply in me. Thanks to the song `Think About You´ I became a huge fan of Léon and the mission to see her perform live has been born and penned down into my bucketlist.
Find out my others favorites down below!


5. Liar  
Léon: The Professional (1994)

I don`t have a favorite movie. I don`t because it`s impossible with all the different genres and stories but if you ask me if there`s a movie that you really need to see before you die, that has to be Léon: The Professional from 1994. If you have not checked it out yet please do it! Meanwhile let me sum up the movie without spoiling it to much for you.

Léon is actually an Italian hitman who is really kicking butt in the movie and along the way he meets the 12-year old Matilda which he takes her in after her family got murdered. The two of them develops a kind of weird relationship full of feels and perhaps some father issue too? Anyways a brilliant conflict as I would say. Léon is played by Jean Reno and the much younger Natalie Portman -fangirl shrieks- was playing Matilda and oh boy I knew Natalie can act but this role really impressed me. She was only 11 years old but her acting was spot on and so mature or maybe too mature as some people stated out. Anywho I think Natalie Portman turned out just fine and again, please do check out the movie!
Young Natalie reminds me so so much of Millie Bobby Brown who plays Eleven in Stranger Things which I also love love!


  1. I've never heard of that restaurant, but it sounds wonderful! I am always wondering why healthy fast food doesn't exist -_-

    1. Leon is amazing :D and even though it's a fastfood chain it is still a bit pricier than a Mcdonalds for example. But still I love this concept and I agree there should be more of this kind of food places! Xx

  2. So many Leons haha :D omg healthy fast food, love it. There needs to be more healthy fast food places!! // I've listened to some Leon songs when they came up on Spotify (: // I thought she was Millie Bobby Brown at first haha but then I looked closer and realised she looked more like Natalie Portman :P You're right, so similar! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Haha go Leon :P what if my future BF is called Leon as well :') anyways! Yup I totally agree with having more healthy foodplaces on the planet. And wooo ^__^ love love Léon, she's so amazing! She just finished her USA tour as well! And yeah o: I bet Millie is going to be super gorgeous as well c: Xx

  3. Haha I love this Leon-themed post! I haven't watch the movie yet. Natalie Portman still looks exactly the same!

    1. Hey Jane, glad you liked it c: And please do watch it!! I would love to hear your thoughts about it :D Xx

  4. this is such a cute post! leon the fast food restaurant looks soooo good - i can totally feel them because we don't really have healthy fast food restaurants in the us either!

    my bf started watching stranger things with me recently - he watched it before and wanted me to watch season 2 with him once i watched season 1. but i'm a huge baby and i'm scared of lots of things, so i got him to watch season 1 again with me x) i'm on the 4th or 5th episode so far where nancy discovers the upside down and it's heckin scary!!!

    becky @ star violet

    1. Tehehe, thank you ^__^ and yes we all so agree for more healthy yummy fastfood chains!! Lets start a revolution haha :P Anyways!
      Hurray for joining the Stranger Things bandwagon girl :D I looooove it so so much! Please continue with season 2 as well, it's super good too c: You wont be disappointed!



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