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My recent favorite things! Just like my other Favorite Food blogposts where I post food that I like and deserves a shoutout, I pretty much do the same thing with this Recent Favorite Thing blogpost. Just with not only food but also, you know things!

Please check it all out down below and perhaps it might give you some present and gifting inspirations for the upcoming holidays as well!    

Mijn recente favoriete dingen! Net als bij mijn Favoriete Food blogartikelen waar ik eten plaats die een plekje in de spotlight verdien, doe ik hetzelfde met Recent Favorite Things. Maar dan niet alleen met eten maar ook dingen dus!

Bekijk ze gauw onder en wie weet breng ik je ook nog eens inspiratie op voor het kopen van cadeautjes voor de aankomende feestdagen.

de cursor over de tekst
voor Nederlandse
black charcoal toothpaste
Black charcoal toothpaste, probably the most expensive (€6,99) toothpaste I have ever bought in my entire life! I think it`s well known of how popular the ingredient black charcoal is in beauty products and it seems that they have also made it to the oral hygiene as well. Lately I`ve spotted these trending videos about black charcoal toothpaste and it appears to white up your teeth in a more natural way. I`m a big fan of black charcoal and was of course intrigued and so when I saw the Dr. Organic Charcoal Toothpaste at De Tuinen shop I didn`t hesitate but purchased and claimed it

Product review coming soon!
Cinnamon stick
I was out of cinnamon sticks at home so I needed new stock. I`ve bought these amazingly long cinnamon sticks at Flying Tiger and me as a number 1 fan of cinnamon I adore it.
cinnamon soap bar

See? I told you I`m a number 1 fan of cinnamon! This handmade bar of soap is actually a gift from my friend Jessie and I love it, thank you! This bar of soap smells delicious and very gentle to the skin when I use it in the shower.

hummus crispbread
This Swedish knäckerbröd (crispbread) with hummus filling is my recent favorite snack at work. Each day I just pop a packet (or two) into my bag and it`s just a nice quick treat that I can gobble up with ease without making it messy. Great!
watermelon water
Cute packaging wins my heart by 80% and sometimes 100% and this packaging was definitetly the case. Pure concentrated watermelon juice by What a Melon is great and super refreshing!
chunky yarn
Two beautiful recently bought yarn from my favorite Belgium craft chain store Veritas! Both of them turned into scarfs.
And I`ve made one for a friend of mine as well!
metal straws
Ever since fashion-Youtuber Jenn Im mentioned about metal straws in one of her `favorite month` videos I knew that I had to have them as well. And I eventually got them from Urban Outfitters. Normally I would not buy them because they were quite pricey but these were on sale and that made my day of course.

One thing that I don`t like is that the color comes off quite easily displaying the gray metal base. And because of this, I might as well remove the entire color layer because I kind of like this gray metal base.


  1. charcoal toothpaste is interesting though! i wonder how well it performs since most whitening toothpaste are lies. i tried one that claims to reduce coffee/tea or cigarette stains because i'm an avid tea drinker but eh, i don't think it does anything.

    the watermelon juice! definitely super cute packaging and i'd love to try that for its taste since i love watermelon juice in general <3 it's kind of weird that a prepackaged water melon juice exists though lol

    the metal straws look adorable too but definitely not something i'd buy since the spray paint (or whatever it is) is just gonna come off anyway, lol

    1. I don't think the charcoal toothpaste would make my teeth white as snow but
      I'm hoping it will fade out some stains? We'll see once I've done a review post about it c:
      The watermelon package is cuteeee I love it :P
      And about the metal straws I think i'm going to scrape off the colored layer. That way I'm sure
      of no colored pieces in my drink!

  2. woaaaah, i had no idea cinnamon sticks are that long?! i'm such a fan of handmade soaps - especially ones from lush and etsy, hehe. i love chunky yarn too!! i'm not that great at knitting or crochet (the last thing i made was that grey scarf a few years ago that was inspired by you!), so it helps that chunky yarn = faster at completing the scarf, lol.

    becky @ star violet

    1. I was surprised about the length of the cinnamon sticks as well! Pretty awesome if you ask me :P
      And wooo go handmade soaps and chunky yarn lovers! And that's totally true about the chunky yarns it does complete knitting/crochet projects a lot faster :P Xx

  3. I get obsessed with cinnamon during the holiday season! I never think to buy cinnamon sticks, but I remember two years ago, someone in my dorm gave away a bag of cinnamon sticks, so I took it and I would use it in my apple cider :D // Watermelon water! I remember when I first moved to Beijing, I thought it was so cool how almost every restaurant had watermelon juice and it was so good // I love chunky yarn! You know those suuuuper chunky yarn blankets?? I loveee those. I want to buy one one day haha // My friend bought me a stainless thermos with a pack of 4 stainless steel straws at the beginning of this past summer, and I love them! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I love cinnamon and I love using cinnamon sticks when I make chai at home c; and high-5 watermelon juice lover! And yes I know which chunky yarn blankets you mean! I want those too and make one for myself too but I need to find the source of getting big knitting hooks and such...
      And yesss those stainless steel straws are great! Xx

  4. The charcoal toothpaste sounds interesting! And I would totally love that cinnamon soap bar!

    1. I love how black the toothpaste is when normally toothpaste are white and
      that cinnamon soap bar is divine! Xx

  5. Oh wow the charcoal toothpaste is interesting! Let us know how you find it. It would be funny to use, with all the black stuff on your teeth, haha.

  6. De charcoal tandpasta lijkt me eng, hahaha. Maar ik heb gehoord dat het wel goed voor je tanden is dus toch maar een keer proberen misschien.

    1. Tehehe, kan best intimiderend zijn zwarte tandpasta :P maar charcoal bevat veel gezondheidsvoordelen! ^__^ Xx

  7. Ohhh Mei! I'm so intrigued by the black charcoal toothpaste but also the chunky yarn.
    Also, no autumn/winter goes by without smelling like cinnamon. Hm-hmmmm! <3

    1. That black charcoal is definitely a show stopper :') haha and mhmm, love chunky yarns!
      Especially on cold winter days ^___^ and hurray cinnamon-lover! Xx


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