Ticking off my list of 2017

A year back I`ve made myself a list of intentions for the year 2017.
Lets see how I did it shall we?
» 2017 intentions
This is an `oliebol`. A traditional sweet Dutch snack that`s eaten around NYE!

Another full year of blogging full of topics such as food (obvious) followed by recipes with a new category added to called `healthy & sugar free`. This is a category I want to be better at it in 2018 because yes, indulging foods are great but I`m also fond of my health and creating a healthy lifestyle. And besides it is challenging too and if you manage to create something delicious that you can eat away guiltfree that`s double win!
Other than sharing recipes I have shared a few amounts of DIY`s too, interesting hotspots that is worth mentioning, travel posts of long or short stays and some peeks of my personal life.

It was a full year blogging but somewhere halfway I have decided to release 1 to 2 blogposts a week and let go of my almost daily blogging.
With my fulltime job + keeping up with my social life + the me-time I needed, I had to make choices. Releasing a blogpost only a couple of times a week was in the beginning tough. But later on I don`t regret at all. I was afraid of losing stats and the o so important numbers. The longer I stood by my decision how less these o so important numbers became just numbers. Because of my decision I have less stress, I have more me-time in practising crochet, baking, drawing etc. and at the end I do still enjoy blogging and that is all the matter. Even the numbers have been cut down by half I am in peace. Finally.

As a lifestyle-blogger 2018 will have these same topics with similar content. And I`m finally getting that domain name for my blog URL! I have seen some great deals at http://www.namecheap.com. I have chatted at their live-chat service (really friendly) and I`m super excited!
Apart a lifestyle-blogger I`m also a delayblogger -ahum- so in 2018 you can expect the following blogposts:
my new car // My teacher lookbook #2 // A day in Brugge // French snack haul // peek into my life #81 // (audio)book review // black charcoal toothpaste review // my favorite healthy hotspots in Rotterdam

As I was saying a year ago, I wanted to give vlogging a go. But it seems I gave up this hopeful thought too soon because I think I have only managed 2 vlogs this year at my YouTube channel. Oops. I have actually got 2 or 3 more vlogging material resting in my SD card but still needs to be edited before launching. And editing a vlog/video is the part where I release a big sigh because it take so much time and effort, sigh!
I don`t know. I think I`ll continue vlogging but it will be no more than just 2 or 3 tops per year. I sorta promised a mukbang video so we`ll see about it!
I`ve wished myself a happy and adventurous travel life for 2017 and my top-5 places was: Iceland - Budapest - Dubai - Japan - Maldives. And I did not go to one of these places. Instead I went to France! Totally unexpected trip but it was a trip with friends and therefor I`ve enjoyed it. I`ve also went to Belgium - Brugge with my best friend and to other Dutch cities and discovering places and hotspots. This all sums up my travel life of 2017 and even though I did not went to any of the wished places, I do think my wish did came true because it was mostly happy and adventurous and I`m grateful for that.

In 2018 I wish the same thing. One thing for sure: I`m have booked a ticket to Hong Kong Summer again (anyone meetup?) and I am excited! I`ve been to HK like a million times but that doesn`t matter. HK is my second home and I love coming home and to see my family again, eat HK (street)food and shop till I drop at the fancy modern malls. I can`t wait! Besides HK I have yet not made any other plans yet but here`s my top-5 places I want to go:

- Japan
- Iceland
- Australia
- Indonesia
- Israel
My love life. Probably the juiciest stuff a.k.a my dates I was able to share with you guys this year yet it was perhaps not exciting as you and I might think of. Because at the end I`m still single as a single sock who lost it`s partner during laundry in the washing machine. After debating myself whether I should try out dating app Tinder or not, I finally did it and all I can say is: wow. Wow because darn it appears that men do like me and I got matches. Even super-like matches.
Wow because men are such weird creatures #nooffence.
Wow because I was able to tell a few men in their face: I don`t like you. And wow none of them were serial killers thank goodness. I`ve deleted Tinder because I have the taste of it and had enough and honestly it was distracting too. I have to say that my selfesteem has boost up a little thanks to Tinder. For now I`m embracing my single life. Here`s a quote that helps me ease:

If you look for love, in pursuit of what it can give you, it will hide itself. If you ask love to arrive because you are now ready, it will skip your door. Love is like an uninvited guest. Love will come when it wants to. Love will leave when you ask more of it. - Haemin Sunim

My 2017 me-time resolutions:

- to read more than 5 books 🗸
- to go to a concert ⨯
- set up a stand market and show the world my crochet works and other works at a fair ⨯
- to buy a new laptop ⨯
- maintain daily yoga practise 🗸
- watch movies of my movie bucketlist 🗸

• my books: `Bob de Straatkat´ (A Street Cat Named Bob) by Garry Jenkins // `Kafka on the Shore´ by Haruki Murakami // `Beterschap´ by Toon Tellegen // `De Magdalena Mysterie´ (The Expected One) by Kathleen McGowan // De Schok van de Val (The Shock of the Fall) by Nathan Filer // audiobooks: `To All the Boys I`ve Loved Before´ by Jenny Han // `Pax´ by Sara Pennypacker // `The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F´ by Mark Manson
• my daily yoga habit: yes! And I feel pretty proud of it. Every morning I do my 8 min yoga before going to work and in the weekend I do half hour up to one hour of yoga practice. This is something I am willing to bring it with me to 2018.
• my movie favorites: Captain Fantastic // Brigsby Bear // Leon - The Professional // Pulp Fiction // Ex-Machina // About Time // Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (my 2nd Star Wars movie!) // Now You See Me // Gifted
I`m grateful for my friends and friends that I`ve met through blogging. You guys are one of my motivations to keep on blogging. I`m grateful for the fun (paid) blogging gigs I got this year. I`m grateful for my fulltime job but mostly my loving colleagues. They make work extra fun and bearable! I`m grateful for endless family support. I`m grateful for any bits of acknowledgement I receive.
I`m grateful for having a positive mind most of the time and being able to send some to others too. I`m grateful for honesty. I`m grateful for growth.

Thank you! Xx


  1. Happy New Year Mei! Sounds like you had a great 2017, hope you have an even better 2018.

    1. Thank you Jane, you have a wonderful NYE too ^__^ lets both have a better 2018! Xx

  2. Happy New Year! I'm glad you got to learn so much over the course of last year. I hope this year is even more exciting for you. xx

    1. Happy New Year you too ^___^ I'm blessed with the knowledge, obstacles and goods that came on my path c: Xx

  3. Happy New Year! You've had an incredible year! I wish you all the best for 2018 and I look forward to reading about it all

    Rhiannon x
    Pastel Daydreams

    1. Happy New Year you too sweetie, a very blissful 2018 for you as well! And thank you ^__^ Xx

  4. I like your thoughts on being single. I'm single too & sometimes I think I'm lacking something & sometimes I think it didn't matter that I'm single. I didn't choose it, it just happened that way

    I wish I like to travel like you but at least I get to do that through your blog posts. I hope you have fun traveling and reading and going to places.

    I've been reading your blog for awhile but never commented but I thought I said hello & also I'm doing a commenting challenge to comment on 365 blogs so...

    have a lovely new year.

    1. Hiya Lissa, thank you :D your comment brought a smile on my face c:
      I guess sometimes we have to let our life flow as the way it is? As long as you feel happy and be true to yourself. Lets make 2018 a wonderful year! Xx

  5. Hi! I'm new to your blog. So far i'm lovin' it! I hope you'll have a great 2018! x


    1. Hiya welcome to my blog! :D have a beautiful 2018 as well! Xx

  6. Happy new year! Can't wait to see how you design the blog this year and I look forward to your updates on your personal life as well

    1. Thank you dear Rooth ^__^ Happy new year too!! Xx

  7. Happy New Year! It sounds like you had a pretty amazing 2017. I have also decreased my blog posts, in order to spend more time on other things, it is nice! I hope you have a wonderful year ahead :)

    1. Haha high-5 dear girl ^__^ and thank you! You have a great great 2018 as well!! Xx

  8. HAHAHA, ik moest zo hard lachen om je Tinder verhaal. Ik heb hetzelfde geprobeerd maar dan met Happn dit jaar. Zo raar. ZO RAAR!
    Ik kijk nog steeds uit naar je Mukbang video hahahah!
    Happy new year!! :D

    1. Hahaha :') achteraf is wel om te lachen, ja. Happn ken ik nog niet :o even Googlen zometeen :P En haha ja, even tijd maken voor m'n Mukbang video!! :P Happy new 2018! Xx


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