Tours: my city of France


Tours. And no I'm not talking about the cycling tournament Tour de France but Tours, one of the many picturesque cities of France that I have visit this year.

When I was like 8-9 years old I went to France for the very first time and the main goal was Disneyland Paris. Happy 8-9 year old me! And of course we also went to the center of Paris as well but since I was little and not very much into culture & history as I am now, I don't really have a clear memory of me wandering around Paris.

That's why I consider Tours to be my first real French city ever. And Tours has been treating me being a firsttimer very well and to all who consider France/Paris you may also want to add Tours to your list. Bonus: less tourist guarantee!    

Tours. En nee daarmee bedoelde ik niet op de welbekende wielrenner competitie Tour de France maar Tours, een van de pittoreske stad van Frankrijk. Deze bezochte ik in de afgelopen zomer. 

Toen ik 8-9 jaar was ging ik voor het eerst naar Frankrijk met als hoofdbestemming Disneyland Parijs natuurlijk! Ja, ik was een blij kind hoor en natuurlijk hebben we de stad Parijs zelf ook bezocht. Helaas kan ik er niet veel van herinneren en de kleine-ik vond historie & cultuur ook niet echt boeiend destijds. Dat is inmiddels wel veranderd! 

Ik kan niet veel over Parijs herinneren en daarom is dus Tours voor mij mijn eerste echte Franse stad. Ever! Tours is gelukkig een fijne stad en daarom is het ook een aanrader voor ieder toekomstige bezoeker aan deze land als Frankrijk. Want pluspunt: sowieso minder toeristen!

de cursor over de tekst
voor Nederlandse
this is Tours
Saint Gatien`s Cathedral (French: Cathédrale Saint-Gatien de Tours)
For a not so religious person that I am, I do love churches and cathedrals and when I was in France last Summer I had my fair visit to it.
Lunch time!
After exploring a couple of hours in Tours it was time to sit down for lunch. Our friend G. has found a bistro that serves authentic French food and this bistro is also tipped off in the Michelin Guide 2017. Awesome! I can`t wait!
`Au Lapin qui Fume` is the bistro called which literally means rabbits who smokes. More of this hotspot review soon!
Another touristy to-go place is `Les Halles` which is an indoor food market and that`s always nice right!
We were a bit on the early side because some of the stands were not open yet so my tip for you is to visit Les Halles in the afternoon.
Luckily this pastry stand was open and so does my heart.
And I got a chocolate filled éclair, very yum!
Happy to see some blue sky in the later bits of the afternoon.

Rue Nationale
This 700 meter long street is called `Rue Nationale` and is one of the oldest shopping street and definetely one of my favorite street in the city of Tours. I also love the tram rails that leads all the way from south to north to the Pont Wilson(Wilson Bridge) and the ferris wheel on the background just complete this whole picturesque image.
Ice coffee

A bit of a Paris vibe with all these colorful flowers on a row.
Back home again working out and to sweat off that éclair + the many other French pastries I had in France. #workharderplayharder


  1. My parents took me and my brothers to so many places when we were little, but I didn't appreciate it as much as I should have at the time! Thankfully my parents are still taking us on trips, so we're still getting chances to see the world, and I'm appreciating it so much more! // The first photo of you is super cute, and I'm loving all the buildings! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Well I guess our child-mindset was focused on something else :P I mean history and old stuff? That's super boring for a child right, lol anyway thank goodness that has changed!
      And thank you lovely lady yourself c: Xx

  2. Oh my god, this whole post is so aesthetic! Now I really want to go to Tours and explore these streets myself. Amazing photos!

    Hannah | Wild At Heart

    1. Wooo! My mission here is complete haha, thank you :D Xx

  3. Oh, how I miss reading your travel posts, Mei! <3
    Nice photos as always :D

    1. Hey Mei! And thank you ^___^ It's always a pleasure to see you here! Xx

  4. omg so lucky! i'm so jealous! france is def up there in my list of places to (hopefully) visit before i die. i also think france is def gonna be like hk for me in a way that i'm gonna get fat from all the pastries and cakes.

    1. You should indeed visit France if you have the chance!! Haha France is definitely thé place of pastries and cakes and get fat as well hahah but mostly it's worth it c: Xx

  5. I didn't even know about this city before this post! It looks like a really lovely place to explore.

    1. Hey Jane! And yup I think it's worth the visit c: Xx

  6. There are several small museums in the old villas in the eighth arrondissement:.

    There are rides aimed at people of all ages, some with a Parisian twist.

    So, if your plans this summer include Disneyland Paris you
    should consider the train.

  7. I've never hear of Tours before, but it looks like a beautiful city. These pictures make me want to buy a plane ticket this instant!

    1. Yaay! Happy to hear that Tours is a nice surprise to most people here ^__^ and glad that my pictures has done justice! Xx

  8. Love your photos looks like you had fun !


  9. Tours looks like such a lovely place! All those pastries look amazing too, I don't know how I could pick just one. I definitely have to hit up all the patisseries if I ever visit France :)

    1. If you got the chance you should consider to visit Tours ^__^ and yesss I think I haven't found a pastry/cake shop that isn't Instagram-worthy shot haha Xx

  10. ohh, this all looks brilliant. like a perfect holiday-day. Especially with that chocolate eclair... and les halles sound ace too! :O

    1. Thank you Louise :D everthing is better with something chocolate right haha!
      Les Halles is indeed ace! Xx


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