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Last year I participated at one of the biggest DIY exhibition of Holland: Kreadoe. It was a 5-day event and was held in Utrecht Jaarbeurs. It was my first time and about time to be part of it and I wasn't quite sure what to expect. All I know is that I'll be surrounded by creative people and that's always nice am I right! And that's true because at the end I've met inspiring people.


Vorig jaar ging ik voor het eerst naar een van de grootste DIY event van Nederland: Kreadoe. Dit 5-daagse event werd ieder jaar gehouden in Jaarbeurs Utrecht en het werd tijd dat ik daar ook bij zal zijn. Wat ik precies moest verwachten was nog niet duidelijk maar ik wist wel dat ik omringd zou worden door creatievelingen. En dat is altijd fijn. Uiteindelijk is dat waar, want ik heb heel veel leuke inspirerende mensen ontmoet.

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Cloud nine: yarn heaven
The biggest reason for me to go to Kreadoe was for the variety of yarn shops, supply and inspirations. I have never been to a place with this huge amount of yarn and everything relevant and that is amazing! My heart was thumping.
Crochet unicorn stool. Cute!
This dude sounded like Ed Sheeran.
One of my Kreadoe 2017 haul: gorgeous glittery and shiny yarn! And they were so so cheap! #happy
Also there were famous DIY bloggers & vloggers invited (I was not one of them obviously) at the event. I`ve bumped into a few and maybe one of the most famous of them all was this blond lady Bobbi Eden. She was a former `adult-moviestar and she was pretty lovely person actually!
Yes! Men crochet too! This is DenDennis, born in 1972, married, has a teenage daughter and has a very own crochet book published! Very amazing!
There were food stands and trucks installed inside. I only had coffee and ice cream though.
Also baking and decorations were part of this DIY event as well which I totally agree. There was even a couple of workshops available too. Fun and yum! Here I was drooling over the adorable cookies by Jillbeesz who specializes in cookie cutters that comes in many sizes and figures.
Mango flavored
Receiving quite some compliments about my crown which is always nice!
always have a soft spot for miniatures and anything in small details though I haven`t bought anything from the event. Probably because I know from the past and experiences that it will end somewhere in a box or drawer, forgotten and never be seen again.
Perhaps a bit overpriced but certainly so adorable! Do you DIY with felt balls? I don`t but I have seen people making adorable mats from it.
Scheepjes Photoshoot
Scheepjes is the oldest Dutch yarn & wool manufactures and was also part of this Kreadoe DIY event. One of their photographers Cees Rutten spotted me (thanks to my crown) and invited me for a photoshoot for Scheepjes. In return I get a Scheepjes goodiebox. Of course I agreed!


  1. This looks like such a fun event! Those miniatures in particular look adorable. So cool that you got invited to do a photoshoot, too :)

    1. It was! And also a fun way to network and explore :P Xx

  2. Wow! This looks like the most incredible day ever!!! So many sights and things to take in.

    1. Yep it was! So much inspiration sources too c: Xx

  3. This looks like it was SO fun!


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