Lunch at 'The Smoking Rabbit'


Eating in France you say? That should be no problem since France is well known for its tasty culinary reputation with many famous food! So my last Summer of 2017 in France I felt at home quickly between all the croissants, French cheeses and rustic dishes.

One day me and my travel companions had lunch at Au Lapin Qui Fume which literally means The Smoking Rabbit. This brasserie was tipped in the reputable Michelin Star Guidebook and so why not try it out right?
France also has a reputation of not having the most wonderful English output. My French on the other hand was terrible so the communication with the service involves lots of handgestures and pointing but above all, the service was most friendly and so so lovely!
Take a quick scroll down below to find out more about this place! 

Eten in Frankrijk zeg jij? Dat moet eigenlijk geen probleem zijn want Frankrijk heeft een goed en rijk culinaire reputatie met welbekend gerechten wereldwijd. Mijn zomervakantie 2017 in Frankrijk voelde als thuiskomen tussen de croissants, Franse kazen en bourgondisch gerechten.  

Op een dag lunchten ik en reisgenoten bij Au Lapin Qui Fume, wat letterlijk 'De Rokende Konijn' betekent. Deze brasserie werd getipt in het gerenommeerde Michelin Star Guidebook en dus waarom zou je het niet eens proberen, toch?
Frankrijk heeft daarnaast een reputatie met niet de beste Engelse output. Mijn Frans is ook niet al te best dus de communicatie met de bediening was vooral handen- en voetenwerk maar bovenal wat was de service uiterst vriendelijk en ontzettend warm! Scroll dus snel naar beneden toe om meer te weten te komen over deze hotspot! 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
1 salmon tartar
1 vegetarian main
1 cod fish in creamy sauce and peas
2 beef tartar with fried potatoes
1 poached peer and caramel parfait dessert
Our table next to us looks so Frenchy and so Instagram-worthy shot already with the books, food and wine!
Here`s a little eating-out-tip-in-France of mine and that is: always check out the daily menu. It usually comes with choices of dishes you can pick from and you`ll eat much cheaper when ordering a la carte.
But first: wine!
When you`re in France act like a French or in my case a Française which mean a French lady and order wine with all your meals. It is common in France to drink wine at breakfast as well. It`s a good thing I`m a tourist in a carefree spirit and not in my 8 to 5 work spirit ha.
My friend A. had a lovely salmon tartar.
Since French cuisine has a fancy reputation in the culinary world I had a tad higher expectation at Au Lapin Qui Fume restaurant. Especially because this restaurant was tipped in the respectable 2017 Michelin Star guidebook.
So my friend G. had the vegetarian dish and the she described her dish: sweet, homey, colorful and enjoyable. I have to agree that the tomatoes for some reason taste so much sweeter than the ones I cook at home. Perhaps it`s the French climate that makes produce sweeter and fuller.
Here`s my dish which is the cod in creamy white sauce and peas. I have to say that our dishes has a homey looking presentation which resembels the restaurant and the area.

The fish was just slightly overcooked and therefor a bit dry. The sauce that came with is truly a lifesaver and was nice and creamy and tasty!
It`s not my fault that the sauce was to die for so here a little Italian eating habit here which is scraping the sauce with a piece of bread, also known as scarpetta which means `little shoe`.
My other two meateaters had the beef tartar and honestly a very delicious looking potatoes!
My 2-course meal
ends with...
You`ve guessed it`s dessert of course! What makes it extra sweeter that this 2-course meal of mine only cost €15,50 and that makes me an even more happy Française!
Well, what can I say? It looks delicious as it taste like. The pears are nice and soft as I easily cut through with my spoon. The parfait with caramel is so rich, creamy and just a nice combo making this dessert complete. Yum!
ADDRESS: V90 Rue Colbert, 37000 Tours - FRANCE

FOOD: ••• 3/5
INTERIOR: •••• 4/5
SERVICE: ••••∙ 4,⁵/5
PRICE: •••• 4/5


  1. haha I often think about photographing other people's picturesque tables ;P Lovely shot; I can see why it was so hard to resist hehe. Ah I miss French cafes... In the middle of reading your blog post, I peeked back to my blog for my post on Paris to relive my short experience haha. -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Tehehe thanks dearie and you should try it out too!! Yeah I miss the typical French cafés and area -sigh- Xx

  2. It looks like a really fun experience, especially to taste food recommended by the Michelin people!

    1. Yup it was! :D I enjoyed every moment really. Xx

  3. Everything looks so good. What a cute little restaurant. I'd love to visit France someday, and EAT!!

    1. Love the look of this restaurant, it is so Frenchy! You should visit France someday, especially the food is worth to come over haha! Xx

  4. This place looks so cute! Their food looks really good as well.

    1. I adooore this place, because it is so Frenchy ^__^ the food too was pretty nice! Xx

  5. Everything looks amazing, especially that dessert!! I seriously want to visit France one day, if only for the food...

    1. You should visit France atleast once in your life yes! The dessert was absolutely my favorite too haha :P I can eat that dish like in every weekend of my life :P Xx


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