I was at Boijmans Museum


I'm 90% sure that my favorite art museum of The Netherlands is Boijmans van Beuningen museum. My first time was with my artclass back in college. Now I've been here twice.

 In my opinion I think they have great art collection and a great source of inspiration. It is a well known museum but not overcrowd as the Rijksmuseum or Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam, great varying exhibition, great activities and great coffee at the coffeebar. It's just great!

Ik ben 90% overtuigd dat Boijmans van Beuningen museum mijn favoriete museum is. Ik ben er al eerder geweest met mijn tekenklas van de middelbare school. Dit is dus mijn tweede keer. 

Ieder heeft een eigen smaak. Zo vind ik zelf dat ze goeie collectie hebben en bronnen van inspiratie. Een bekende museum maar niet giga druk als bij `t Rijksmuseum of Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam. Verder hebben ze leuke wisselende tentoonstellingen, activiteiten en goeie koffie bij de koffiebar. Gewoonweg goed! 

de cursor
voor Nederlandse

Hang your coat
A cloakroom is just a cloakroom but the one at Boijmans is the most stunning cloakroom I have ever seen and been in my life. It is actually not really a room but a ingenuity design of wires, ropes, racks, hangers and keys. You pick a rope with a number and key and you pull on it and you`ll find a hanger at the end of this rope.
You hang your coat/jacket/scarf/umbrella and once everything is hanged you heist the rope back on top, seal the rope, lock and done! Brilliant!
Studio Wieki Somers - Out of the Ordinary
Not just one but many of old, new, modern, classic, oil, watercolor, ink, famous and anonymous on canvas.
Richard Serra

Not photograph, I repeat not photograph but ink. By Gunnel Wåhlstrand
Home of interieur design, furniture`s and sculptures
Looks like a turtle shell, top of a shitake mushroom or a
jewelry box.
Scary manmade human child. By Duane Hanson
Being sketchy
With funny light cynical doodles on the wall by Pam Emmerik en René Daniëls
And great coffee too.
I`m falling in love with this bathtub.
The one and only Yayoi Kusama and her beautiful `Infinity Mirror Room`.
Cute giftshop stuff.


  1. This place looks fantastic! I've never heard about it before but it looks right up my alley. The interior is really cool as well.

    1. This place is awesome ^___^ yes! If you are nearby and have spare time left you should definitely check it out :) Xx

  2. Nice museum and you managed to take so many photos..can relax to have a cup of coffee after the visit, not bad.

    1. Haha yes, I'm always visually oriented :P and a nice place with great coffee is always a plus! Xx

    2. Yes..coffee drinkers can't resist a cup of nice coffee.

  3. What a variety of exhibits! Ah, having coffee in a museum sounds so peaceful and wholesome. // I haven't yet seen the Yayoi Kusama exhibit myself, but I see so much of it on Instagram! Truly stunning // The coat hanging system is so cool :o I've never seen anything like it! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I think you would love this museum ^_^ and you should totally see a Yayoi Kusama piece! It's pretty much a place-to-be-for-hip-art-lovers :P And yes love love love the coat system! Xx

  4. Oh man, ik zag Phalli's Field voordat ik de titel zag en ik dacht: dit wil ik zien :D
    Het is alweer een paar jaar geleden dat ik in Boijmans ben geweest, maar ik ga hier zsm weer eens langs! Hele leuke details heb je gevonden! Nice :D

    1. Haha, echt een eye-catcher he die Yayoi Kusama :) Je moet er een keer echt weer naar toe! Xx

  5. This looks like such a fascinating museum! The coat hanging system is especially cool :) Also that manmade child scared me for a bit haha, I legitimately thought it was real for a second!!

    1. It really is ^__^ if you have the chance to see this museum then go for it!! That manmade kiddo is creepy yes, and I also thought for a second it was a real child sitting there :') Xx


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