New year New Hair


Whoops, a bit late news (or not if you have been following me on IG) but I have cut my hair somewhere in the beginning of this year in January.
New year new hair was the mindset and so I have started 2018 with a fresh new hairstyle.

I don't go to the hair salon that often and so I don't really have a standard hair salon I come back to. I just pick one out based on location + price + friends advice. Not in this particular order though.
Anyway! Yes! hair salon is the one I pick from and yes! I'm pretty happy with my haircut! Check it all down below: 

Oepsie, een beetje late nieuws (of niet als je me op IG volgt) maar ik aan het begin van dit jaar mijn haar laten knippen in januari. Nieuw jaar nieuw haar was de motto en zo begon mijn 2018 met een nieuwe haarcoupe.

Ik ga niet vaak naar de kapper. Ik heb daarom ook niet echt een vaste kapper waar ik terug ga. Meestal kies ik een kapper uit op basis van locatie + prijs + advies van vriendinnen - niet per se in deze volgorde uiteraard. 

Maar goed! Yes! haarsalon werd het dus uiteindelijk en yes! Ik ben zeer tevreden over mijn haar resultaat! Bekijk het allemaal hieronder:

de cursor
voor Nederlandse
midi + layers
Hair salon: Yes!
Price: €21,95 (basic)
This time I picked: Yes! hair salon. The price + service was pretty ok actually. A friendly miss washed my hair and blow-dried it. I also received a relaxing head massage and of course my hair was cut too. As finishing touch it was also styled up too in with hair dryer. We actually quite had a nice conversation too! #notbeingawkward


  1. Super cute, Mei! I'm in need of a haircut myself, haha - I think I might get bangs!

    1. Thanks Becky :D !
      I was considering getting bangs too! I think bangs suits you well c:

  2. It looks great! I love the feeling of getting a chop after having my hair grow out for a while. Haha I find the conversation at the hairdressers so awkward.

  3. Love the new do' Mei! Fresh cuts always feel nice! Your hair was so long before! *__* <3

    1. I agree with the fresh feel :) and thank you! Xx

  4. The shorter look is so fresh - I like it!

  5. Cute hair! ^-^ I go to the hair salon about once or twice every year, usually when I visit family and my mom begs me to go :P Then after the salon, she's always like, "You should take a picture of your hair right now!" because it always looks great after being blown out at the salon :P -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Haha, go mum :') and yup!! My hair looked GREAT and super stylish after cut and blown at the salon!! Sigh, the next morning it was all gone Xx

  6. You look great with short hair!
    I'm totally the opposite right now. I've been cutting my hair shorter in the past year or two and now am suddenly missing my long hair that I used to have!

    Also, your blog is gorgeous as always! I need to keep myself up to date with your posts!

    1. Heyyy Melody! What a nice surprise to see you here ^__^
      Haha I think short hair suits you as well and plus there quite many perks of short hairs too: less shampoo use and no hair tangles!
      And thank you :) you should too update your blog as well! We can't wait to see your happenings of
      your past life like your EU trip in December! Take care!



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