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A while ago I was in Amsterdam at Papercloud HQ for a DIY collaboration because Papercloud is a seasonal DIY magazine. I have been here before for their first issue which was the Christmas issue. As for their second issue 'Spring' I was invited again to be part of it and of course I was present!

Papercloud Spring contains DIY projects in Spring themed as the title described but also Easter and other nature inspired projects. It also contains coloring pages, adorable wrapping gift papers and stickers!
Papercloud Spring is now available in stores, woo!

Take a quick scroll below for the behind the scene moments of making this Spring issue!  

Een tijd geleden was ik in Amsterdam bij het hoofdkantoor Papercloud voor een knutsel samenwerking. Papercloud is namelijk een seizoensgebonden DIY tijdschrift! Ik ben al eerder geweest voor hun eerste nummer, namelijk 'Christmas'. Voor de tweede nummer 'Lente' werd ik weer gevraagd en natuurlijk was ik erbij! 

Papercloud Lente bevat dus DIY projecten in het thema lente, maar ook Paasprojecten en doe-het-zelf met natuur thema's. Het bevat ook kleurplaten, puzzels, lieve inpakpapier en stickervellen! 
Papercloud Lente ligt al een tijd in de winkel.

Scroll gauw naar beneden toe hoe het achter de schermen aan toe ging in het maken van dit nummer Lente! 

Behind the scenes
This is our DIY office, welcome! Working on the Papercloud `SPRING` issue this is also my second collaboration with Papercloud and I`m very happy and grateful to be part of the Papercloud family again! My first collab was the `CHRISTMAS` issue which you can read it all here at this link:
▶▶Papercloud 'CHRISTMAS'  

my DIY duties

Me and I. ( were in charge of the paper flower garland which was quite a lot work of cutting, folding, assembling, threading and arranging 45 individual pieces.
Worried we were about the deadline but we managed to finish the garland and we were happy and so enlighted by the beautiful result!

Then there was lunch! Very Dutchy (not douchey) lunch though: croquette buns but unfortunate it`s all deep fried minced meat on bun and not suitable for a semi-vegetarian like me. Luckily there was also satisfying salads and veggie friendly sandwiches, woo!
Finish line
For some of the DIY projects: Easter table decor, butterfly mobile, our flower garland and adorbs origami chicks.


  1. I love how you updated your Christmas bell craft into a spring chick craft! And what a lovely garland :) I bet you have the best decorated classroom in the whole school ;) Congrats on another collaboration! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Yes! Papercloud really has cool DIY projects for grown-ups! And yes, I love the garland, I wish I could bring it home with me but it was needed for the final shoots and printing of the magazine :P
      And haha, maybe maybe :P and thank you ^__^ am very happy! Xx

  2. I love this magazine, but one of the 4 cutout pictures is printed wrong, the one with flowers and butterflies. After i cut it out, I noticed that the right side of the picture still had the coloured bits on it, apart from that, I am very happy with everything in the magazine !

    1. Hey hey! I'm happy to hear you like the magazine ^__^
      I've done the flower garland cut-out one and I've noticed that the printed parts are not identical with the other side. I'm not sure but I think Papercloud has done that on purpose so that you have 100% colored parts instead bits of white that you miss cut it.
      Anyway, enjoy!! Xx


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