Summer & Winter Time at Villa Augustus

Villa Augustus (translate: Villa August) is a hotel & restaurant in the middle of a (vegetable) garden in the city Dordrecht and I`ve been here twice! The first time at Villa Augustus was in the warmer days when all the green was blooming and enjoying food and drinks under the sun while soaking up vitamin D. But I was also here with the colder days still enjoying food and drinks near a heater and having a complete me-time moment. 
The Vegetable Garden
Villa Augustus was voted in 2010 🏆 to be one of the 72 most beautiful places to stay in the world. While I do not know the other 71 places, Villa Augustus is really magnificent and unique and I truly believe it is thanks to the garden. A vegetable garden precisely! The ingredients for the food from the restaurant itself comes mostly from this same garden and to me that is bonus: food wise, environmental wise and totally craft wise. I love it!

Not just a home for veggies but the garden offers plenty room for
flora too!
The Water Tower
Which is now a hotel. A sleeping place with a view. I`d love love to spend a night here but it is quite pricey...
The Restaurant
So I can`t afford a hotelroom at Villa Augustus (yet) but I sure can afford the food! Their menu changes with every season and surprisingly the prices are pretty fair too, hurray!
We Ordered
* 1 sencha ice tea
* 1 primitiro (red wine)
* 1 portion arcacini
* 1 season salad
* 1 portobello mushroom w/ poached egg
* coffee
So if you are like me who loves a simple rustic homey dish + you`re a veggie-lover/vegetarian then you`re in total good hands at Villa Augustus. They have great brewed coffee and teas too!
Themed cutlery, cute!


So my first time at Villa Augustus was actually with a Tinder-date. We sat outside and I`ve shared these arancini (risotto balls) portion with this Tinder-date who didn`t really like me at the end but thanks to this I have discovered these delicious arancini balls which clearly has more balls than my Tinder-date has.
Just sayin`
At the kitchen & giftshop
Next to the restaurant there`s a wonderful shop and market selling fresh produce, (cook)books, plates & cups of all sorts, cute gift thingies and baked goods. You can also check and peep out at the open kitchen and see how people cook!
Now I`m a sucker for quirky things and I don`t mind spending from time to time a tad more on something awesome and overpriced but some of the quirky things at the giftshop were crazy overpriced. I wanted to buy this cotton canvasbag with a radish printed on (not shown on the picture) and the smallest size was like 25 bucks already! Now I`m really a sucker for quirky things but for this I hold my wallet dear to my heart.
But honestly Villa Augustus has GREAT lemon meringue pie! Probably the best I have ever had in my life.
ADDRESS: Oranjelaan 7 3311 DH Dordrecht - THE NETHERLANDS

FOOD: •••• 4/5
INTERIOR: •••• 4/5
SERVICE: ••• 3/5
PRICE: ••• 3/5


  1. Despite a less than stellar Rinder date at least you left that experience with great tasting food! I love the angles in your shots, especially the one from behind the chair!

    1. True true, I'm not completely shattered and frankly quite happy ;) And thank you! Xx

  2. Haha love the arancini story. Is that an asparagus bridge?? This place looks fun and would be so cool to stay at!

    1. Teheheh, glad you enjoyed my arcacini story :) Omg looks indeed like an asparagus!! Xx

  3. Villa Augustus looks like such a nice little escape! Something about being surrounded by a garden sounds so dreamy. haha @ your Tinder date story. Well, you found good food, so who's the real winner?? <3 Love ya, and love following along all your adventures! -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. Haha totally am a winner when it comes to finding good food :) And yeah I lovelove gardens! It's super zen and makes me a much much calmer inner person and gurl I love following your adventures too! Xx

  4. WHAAAAT A VIEW!! The gardens are gorgeous *o* Love the homey and rustic feel of that gift shop too! Also lol at your tinder date :p

    1. I knowwww I LOVE this garden <3 haha glad you like my Tinder escapade story too :') Xx

  5. Replies
    1. It is it is :) It's one of my favorite places in Holland! Xx

  6. great review dear!
    i love the bright green garden,
    so relaxing.
    and food looked scrumptious!

    ❤ Ms. Kei

    1. Thank you! Glad you like it :) I have enjoyed this garden as well and same with the food! Xx

  7. cute outting! love the backpack

    1. Thank youuuu ^_^ it's one of my favorite backpacks but sadly one of the closure lines broke down :( am looking for a new brown leather backpack though! :)

  8. Even if the date didn't go well, at least the food looked amazing!


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