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Dutch weather is weird. The beginning of Spring started with temperatures above 23ºC and sometimes peaked nearly 30ºC at the most sunny scortchy afternoon. For those who are familiar with Dutch weather, this is just temporary and usually followed by (heavy) rain and thunder. Somewhere in May it even dropped to 11ºC! I was back in my wooly scarf all over again! Yup Dutch weather is weird.
Ray of sunlight? I`ll gladly take it! And so does our tulips.
All at my hometown and for free to admire.
I bake cheesecakes
I also bake:
- Steamed bao/mantou/bun/饅頭
- matcha tart
- apple pie (with one huuuuge apple)
- bread in pan (experimenting)
- coffee tart
- tuna roll
- Easter brunch table
Hi Urecht
I`m back again.
Hi Miffi
☝ Hi mug. (from Urban Outfitters)
Hi cactus. (also from Urban Outfitters)☟

Lunch at Stach Food shop!
A cookbook of Korean cuisine with a gorgeous book cover.
Duty calls
Like most people I have bills to pay and like most people we pay our bills off by our daily jobs. Yes, duty calls whether you like it or not but I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart, I like my call of duties (not the game) and my job included. Love even at some days!
Lately we had a formation talk at work, mainly putting the pieces together of what image would look like next year. Would I still be at the same team? Would I be transferred? I don`t know. One thing for sure: a few employees needed to be transferred due to the fact of organization purposes. I have decided to expect the worst case scenario and be transferred. Not because I was a bad employee, no. My boss is quite fond of me but if I have to think logically like I was one of the newest to join the team it would be quite a nobrainer choice. So I have decided to expect the worst case scenario, chinned up, be a professional and be at peace.

Turns out I was staying after all! Happy! You could say I was flabbergasted because I was not expecting this at all. I quite looked super silly-stunned at my boss when the boss delivered the news to me personally. I felt my heart lighted up and felt super grateful, yet I couldn`t show my happiness fully, because if I`m staying that means someone else has to go. And so my happy feelings made room for guilty feelings. I know this formation is beyond my hand but still, it feels like I stole someone`s spot. Have you come across this kind of situation at work before?
Duty calls as a teacher and here me and my class were at a cooking workshop!
Yoga duty also a daily duty.
The annual `Kingsday Breakfast` with free food and drinks! Thank you King Willem-Alexander!
Seminar & a little work reception
Interesting reading.
Followed by an interactive music play.
Followed by food.
Thank you boss!

Beetroot latte & books
Coffee & books or in this case a beetroot latte. Literaly my favorite ingredients for a perfect me-time moment. Here I was at Expresszo.
And hi Ghent!
>> Ghent blogpost
I was in Belgium - Ghent, more of this coming soon!
Lately a bit busy for yarnfood creations (due to the duty callings) but not abandoning it and so I have some special ones.
For baby Emma.
Harry Poter III in Concert
My first time at a concert at a real concert building and wow, it is so gorgeous! #blownaway. However this was not just any ordinary concert with an ordinary orchestra, no.

It was Harry Potter III in Concert, bam!

Thanks to my dear friend G. who bought tickets because I wouldn`t want to miss this magicial thing for the world! Plus, Harry Potter III is my favorite part of all Harry Potter.
What is this Harry Potter in Concert thingy anyway you may ask? Well! You`re sitting in a concert hall watching the HP-III movie while all (yes all) the soundtrack, songs and special effects are live played by the orchestra that is here shown below. This was like a next level of watching a movie. The sounds and music were so clear and AMAZING but sometimes I was in a dilemma because I wasn`t sure where to look at: the movie or the orchestra.
I wanted to watch and hear and capture everything all at once.
What`s your favorite Harry Potter books, character and Houses?! Mine is mainstream Gryffindor I suppose but I think my own personality fits Hufflepuff more.
Ok the bag claim system looks a bit erm, skimpy.

When I say I blog I often say I am a foodblogger because that is what my blog is mainly all about: food! Here`s what my little foodbloggerlife look like recently:
A croffin breakfast at Koek & Pan.

A cruffin is a hybrid of a croissant,
a popular French pastry,
and a muffin.
So I tried this fasting-diet and fasted 3 days straight. It was hellish! I was allowed water/black tea throughout the whole day along with 50 calories maximum per day. This was me after the 3 days straight fasting where I cooked myself a victory meal. More of this coming soon!
I won a cookbook from The Vegetarian Butcher!


  1. Those fields of flowers are so beautiful! And well done on all of your cooking, everything looks delicious! On that note I've never heard of a croffin before, but it looks delectable. The Harry Potter in concert sounds really cool too! Thanks for sharing this with us. x

    Anna // Zu Hause

    1. Awww, thank you for your kind comments ^__^
      A croffin is really yummmm! If you ever find a place
      where they make and sell them, please try it out!
      The Harry Potter in Concert was beautifullll, I want
      to go back! Maybe in cosplay, ha :P Xx

  2. The weather here in Philly is all over the place as well! The weather two weeks ago was mild and with rain. The weather last week was super hot. And then it rained two evenings in a row and now we're back to cool weather. I even pulled out a long-sleeve and jacket! Though I do prefer this cool weather to the unforgiving summer heat! // Uncertainty is a scary thing, but glad to hear that you stayed on the same team as you wanted! Don't feel bad; you deserve it! // omg Harry Potter in concert sounds AMAZING. I loooooove movie soundtracks so much, especially epic soundtracks like Harry Potter's! There's a Harry Potter in concert show coming to Philly late July and I want to go so badly but $$$ T_T T_T T_T // Speculoos ice cream looks so good o.o -Audrey | Brunch at Audrey's

    1. I always make sure I have a light jacket or a cardigan with me just in case the weather decided to flip around from being hot to cold. And thanks for your little pep talk, that means a lot to me :) The Harry Potter III in Concert was AMAZING!! Movie soundtracks are so so so essential to a movie, it brings so much lifeness into it! If you can get cheaper tickets for that show at end July, you should tend to go!
      And yes, Speculoos ice cream is YUM, and very suitable for todays above the 25C degrees hot weather Xx

  3. Those tulip fields are so pretty!! The weather has been odd this year too. Hot and then cold, and raining so much. That's great you got to stay with your team at work!

    1. Tulip fields are pretty!! I think weather lately is weird in the entire world due to part of world climate change and so. And thank you for support too ^___^ I feel blessed! Xx

  4. Ohhh, those tulip fields are so beautiful!! Total bucket list goals :D The Harry Potter in Concert sounds like it would've been awesome! Prisoner of Azkaban happens to be my favourite book/movie too :) I really wanted to go to the one in Sydney but missed out, ah well..

    1. Thank you ^_^ come to Holland for the tulip fields then :D and yessss love love the Harry Potter in Concert :D Xx

  5. The tulip fields look so lovely - it's so nice to have that right in your home town

    1. Yes! I feel pretty privileged with these simple yet gorgeous things like flower fields!

  6. You have been a busy bee! Those rows of tulips are amazing. I'm glad things worked out at work :)

    1. Better busy than bored I guess? :P And thank you! Xx

  7. I like the pictures you have made, they are so inspiring.


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